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What industry is your business in? Do you consider yourself to be a small or large business? Regardless of your niche, you can benefit from our SME call center services. We’re proud to serve different call center industries with care, offering 24-hour live operator services that perfectly represent your brand. 

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As a call center for small and mid-sized businesses, we know the value of outsourcing certain responsibilities. We’ve helped countless businesses in a range of industries run successful inbound and outbound campaigns. Our clients come from unique backgrounds and can handle your needs regardless of how niche they are.

Informational Technology Call Center

Informational Technology Call Center

The IT world is rife with many different questions and complicated answers. In the case that technology lets you down, it can quickly become detrimental. Whether you have minor issues or full-fledged IT disasters, frustration is the result.

The last thing that your customers want is to reach out for help only to find it difficult to talk to a real person. This is where our IT call center customer support comes into play. We can provide IT call center services that are tailored to your needs, whether you’re in SaaS, social media, or any other form of tech. From troubleshooting to on-call support and creating tickets, we make sure that your customers get the care they need in a timely and affordable manner.

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Informational Technology Call Center
Retail & Ecommerce Call Center

Retail & Ecommerce Call Center

When it comes to shopping and eCommerce, customers have nearly endless options on where to spend their time and money. One negative shopping experience with your brand can quickly result in a tarnished reputation that takes months or even years to rebuild.

An eCommerce call center gives your customers a level of convenience that sets your business apart from its competitors. We offer eCommerce call center services that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our customer service solutions are specifically designed for your business and can help turn leads into loyal, lifelong customers.

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Insurance Call Center

Insurance Call Center

Insurance is an industry that is often complicated and comes with many different questions about policies, plans, reimbursements, and more. If your business is an insurance provider, Hit Rate Solutions is happy to act as a call center for insurance agencies.

No matter the call volume that you currently have, we can help take the stress off of your plate while simultaneously processing claims and assisting new prospects. Our insurance call center is especially helpful during peak times such as open enrollment season. Our professionals can also assist with lead capturing and cold calling. 

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Insurance Call Center
Real Estate

Real Estate Call Center

The real estate industry is more demanding and competitive than ever. One missed phone call can be the difference between a satisfied client and a missed opportunity to close a deal. As a real estate call center, our clients trust us to help them reach their goals.

We can help real estate agents, brokers, investors, and more by carrying out their business processes. If needed, our real estate outsourcing in the Philippines can provide you with the extra staff to help you maintain your professional image without the high price tag that’s associated with hiring full-time employees.

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Didn’t Find Your Industry?

Contact us directly to see how our services can work for your niche industry. Our call center team is ready to tackle a wide range of businesses in a multitude of industries

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Why Choose Hit Rate Solutions for SMBs?

Hit Rate Solutions is one of the top call center outsourcing services in the Philippines. Our affordable call center offers competitive prices without sacrificing quality, acting as an effective extension of your business to help with growth. Here are only some of the reasons to consider working with us.

High Quality,
Low Cost

We never sacrifice quality even though our prices are affordable.

Everyday Reporting

Numbers and data provide us with a roadmap to success for your business.

Customized to Your Business

All of our services are tailored to your business and your industry.

Years of

With years of experience as a call center, we know what it takes to achieve success.

24/7 Availability

We are always available on behalf of your business to keep your customers happy.

Excellent English

Our team is fluent in English so they won’t miss a beat.

Well Trained & Educated Associates

Our associates are well-versed in many industries and business practices. 

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Our Best Inbound Call Center Services Results

When it comes to outsourcing lead generation, results are first priority. You can rely on our inbound call center services for measurable outcomes that increase your business success with a greater number of leads and conversions.

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Customer Support

Customer Support for Niche Market Concepts

Sheds4Less is an ecommerce company out of Missouri. They started with 1 online store back in 2006.

Massive Sales Growth

Partnering with Hit Rate Solutions led to a staggering 550% increase in quarterly sales for Sheds4Less, rising from 300 sales to 1950 sales.

Order Volume Expansion

With the assistance of our services, Sheds4Less was able to handle up to 100 orders per day during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant rise from their initial 20-30 orders per day.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By enhancing customer support and reducing the time to order, Hit Rate Solutions helped Sheds4Less boost customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.

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Live Call Transfer

Live Call Transfer for Safer Wholesaler

Safer Wholesaler is an ecommerce company from New Lenox, Illinois. They started selling in a Flea Market.

Enhanced Call Volume

Safer Wholesaler experienced a 75% increase in daily call volume after implementing Hit Rate Solutions, bolstering their customer engagement significantly.

Substantial Increase in Transfers

Our services facilitated a boost in daily transfers from 8 to 21, enhancing customer and sales associate interactions for quicker transactions.

Lead Generation Boost

Safer Wholesaler's weekday leads saw a significant increase from 70 to 280, supporting their aim of enhancing conversions and reducing abandonment.

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Cold Calling


Cold Calling for Reverse Care

Senior Solutions Group is a non-profit charitable organization that helps and educates senior groups on various financial products.

Significant Associate Increase

With Hit Rate Solutions, Senior Solutions Group experienced a 400% boost in associates, enabling greater outreach and pre-qualification of senior customers.

Impressive Transfer Uplift

Our services contributed to an over 150% increase in daily transfers, escalating from 15 to 40 transfers per day.

Greater Customer Pre-Qualification

By pre-qualifying the 55+ years old senior community across the U.S., the organization successfully found more and better-qualified customers.

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Answering Service


Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist for Doctors on Call

Doctors on Call is a company that helps California residents contact their physicians.

Exceptional Call Handling

Hit Rate Solutions ensured that Doctors on Call never missed a call, answering within 2 seconds, thereby decreasing customer wait times significantly.

Substantial Customer Satisfaction Boost

Through efficient handling of calls, we helped Doctors on Call increase customer satisfaction by 85%, ensuring their patients' needs were met.

Complete Coverage of Patient Concerns

Our solutions catered to 95% of patient concerns, successfully connecting them with their physicians, and significantly reducing dropped or missed calls.

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What Our Satisfied Clients Say About Us

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Our real estate firm has taken off over the past year and I knew we needed more help. It has been such a huge help to have Hit Rate working for us as well. Incredibly talented team and they work so hard to help us out!

Rudy Martinez



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I’m so happy with the services so far and it’s only been a few weeks. Such a sigh of relief knowing there is always someone tending to our customers!

Mark from Wine butler



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Talented call center that offers a suite of services that benefit our IT company. I’m so happy to have found them and given them a chance.

Patrick Rupsch



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We are confident that our call center services will benefit your business greatly. You can contact us to learn how by giving us a call or filling out the short form to the right!

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Do you provide b2b call center services? 

Yes, we are happy to offer both B2C and B2B call center services for many different industries! Please let us know how we can assist you and we are happy to help.

Do you provide b2b call center services for any industry?

Yes, our team is experienced in providing our services for a range of industries. We pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of your business and your industry before beginning our services with you. 

Do you additionally train your employees before starting a project? 

Absolutely. It’s important to us that our employees act as an extension of your business. If we determine that they need additional training before feeling ready, this is absolutely something that we implement to ensure long-term success. 

Can your employees work in our CRM?

Yes! Our employees are there to make your life easier. If you need them to work in your established CRM, they are happy to do so. Again, if training is needed, we will be sure to implement this beforehand. 

Are you available 24/7?

Yes! Our staff is always available to help tend to your customers to help improve your overall level of customer service and help you focus on other areas of your business. 

How can I get started?

The best way to get started with our services is by getting in touch with us! Once we know more about your business and your needs, we will be able to provide you with a customized road map on how we can achieve success together. 

What does SME mean in a call center?

SME refers to subject matter experts. This means that we are the go-to resource for specific information on services, products, policies, quality, marketing, and so much more. We are your one-stop shop for all things call centers!