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Affordable Insurance Call Center Services

Navigating the insurance industry is confusing for many people. From understanding health insurance to enrolling in the right claim, consumers often have questions about how to navigate this complex topic. As there are more millennial consumers, the need for more accessible digital channels continues to grow, and the insurance industry is no exception. As a result, many insurance carriers have started relying on affordable insurance call center services to offer personalized service affordably. These providers have expertise in various insurance sectors and can deliver tailored offerings to deliver an engaging and personalized experience, all digitally.

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Insurance Call Center

A Better Customer Experience

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Boost Your Customer Service at a Fraction of the Cost

Meet Hit Rate Solutions, your cost-effective insurance call center solution for superior customer service in the insurance sector. Our insurance agents provide high-quality customer service at an affordable rate so you can focus on other areas of your business.

In a competitive industry, top-quality customer service is vital. We provide this at rates starting from just $7/hr, thanks to our operational base in the Philippines, known for its cost-effective, proficient English-speaking workforce. Low-cost call center services like ours enable you to increase your profit margins while tending to your customer relationships.

Our agents are thoroughly trained to ensure first-rate service from the first call. By outsourcing your call center needs to us, you can focus more on core business operations, secure in the knowledge your customers are receiving excellent service. From health insurance to insurance call center outsourcing, trust that we have the needed experience to help your business thrive.

Choose Hit Rate Solutions - your partner in enhancing customer service quality while significantly cutting costs.

Comprehensive Call Handling Services for the Insurance Industry

We know that insurance providers are all unique, so our call center agents are trained to understand the unique aspects of your insurance sales. At Hit Rate Solutions, our versatility and competence in business process outsourcing make us an ideal partner for your company.

Tailored Services to Match Your Business Needs

Efficient Inbound Call Handling

insurance call center

Whether handling policy inquiries or claims support from your customers or prospects, our well-trained associates at our insurance contact center ensure smooth operations at all times.

Outbound Call Support for Growth

call center for insurance agencies

We can also assist with outbound services that include proactive lead generation, appointment setting, and customer follow-ups, all of which are geared toward sustainable business growth.

Our Value Proposition

Quality & Affordability Combined

insurance call centers

Rest assured that insurance agencies like yours will only get the best quality services all at an affordable rate. We provide significant value to our customers and our skilled personnel can professionally assist you.

Customized Solutions

insurance call center outsourcing

Our insurance call center works to understand your unique business and offers tailored solutions to ensure satisfactory results. Our insurance industry experience permeates every customer interaction.

Experience the Benefits of Outsourcing with Hit Rate Solutions

From well-trained staff to versatile solutions, Hit Rate Solutions offers insurance call center services that are designed to help you stand out from your competitors. Here are some benefits of working with our call center agents.

Operational Excellence

call center insurance agent

As an insurance call center, we have agents who are highly trained and can handle any inquiry that your customers may have, helping increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Cost Savings

insurance inbound call center

Unlike other contact centers, we offer affordable rates that can significantly reduce your operational costs. In return, you can invest more in your core business.

24/7 Availability

call insurance agency

No customer inquiry will slip through the cracks. We are available 24/7 to give you peace of mind that your business will continue to thrive.


insurance support center

As your business grows, so do our services and support. We can continue to scale alongside your company to meet its growing demands.

Success Stories from Our Satisfied Clients

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Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting for Logan Klink

Logan Klink is an agent under American Income life insurance company which has clients from Canada and New Zealand but originated in New York.

Profound Appointment Boost

Through Hit Rate Solutions, Logan Klink was able to secure 3-4 appointments per week, a 300% increase, enhancing his productivity and client outreach.

Increased Deal Closure

With our support, Logan managed to close 5 deals per week, which significantly amplified his sales figures.

Top Agent Ascension

Leveraging our services, Logan became one of the top agents of American Income, successfully establishing long-term relationships with his clients and boosting his career in life insurance.

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Lead Generations

Lead Generations for Dynamic Insurance Services

Dynamic Insurance Services is a pioneer in the final expense sector and is located in Texas. They train their own insurance agents from tier 1-4.

Consistent Lead Generation

Hit Rate Solutions provided Dynamic Insurance Services with 4-5 qualified leads per day, ensuring a steady flow of prospects for their Tier 4 advocate agents.

400% Increase in Tier 4 Advocates

With a successful lead generation strategy, Dynamic Insurance Services grew its top-performing agent team from 2 to 10 Tier 4 advocates, marking a 400% increase.

Empowering Top-Performing Agents

The increase in Tier 4 advocates enabled Dynamic Insurance Services to create the ultimate virtual team of high-performing agents, who manage their own teams and receive overrides on those teams.

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Lead Generations

Lead Generations for DH Insurance Group

DH Insurance Group is a medical insurance company for those 65+ years old.

Effective Lead Generation

With the help of HitRate Solutions, DH Insurance Group successfully generated valuable leads and provided their licensed insurance agents with a list of potential customers who were interested in Medicare options.

Customer-Centric Tool Development

HitRate Solutions developed a 60-second comparison tool, enabling DH Insurance Group's customers to compare Medicare plans and estimate savings quickly and efficiently.

Targeted Outreach for 65+ Customers

HitRate Solutions' targeted approach allowed DH Insurance Group to reach potential customers aged 65 and above, expanding their customer base and enhancing their services.

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Begin Your Journey with Hit Rate Solutions Today

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