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Our Process: Your Path to US Outbound Success

At Hit Rate Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional call center services that cater to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. Our comprehensive approach ensures that each client receives customized solutions tailored to their specific requirements, enabling them to achieve their business objectives efficiently and effectively. Here’s a detailed overview of our process from initial contact to ongoing support.

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Understanding Your Business Needs

We start by deeply understanding your business, its challenges, and its goals. Through a detailed consultation, our experts will gather insights into your industry, target audience, and specific service needs. This in-depth understanding ensures our strategies are aligned with your unique needs for maximum impact.

Retail & Ecommerce Call Center

Tailored Service Planning

Based on our initial consultation, we craft a customized service plan that addresses your unique requirements. We offer a range of services, including Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Cold Calling, and more for outbound needs, along with Customer Service and Order Taking for inbound requirements. We also offer specialized Virtual Assistance for tasks ranging from bookkeeping to social media management.


Selection of Dedicated Specialists

Upon agreeing on a service plan, we select the best-suited specialists from our team, carefully considering industry expertise within areas like B2B Services, Technology, Insurance, and Real Estate. We'll work with you to ensure our selected team is the ideal fit for your campaign's specific needs and communication style. Our industry-specific experience maximizes our agent's effectiveness, leading to better results for your campaign.

Real Estate

Script Collaboration and Refinement

We understand that you've carefully crafted your sales approach. Our team will work alongside you to review and refine your existing scripts, ensuring they are effectively adapted for our associates and resonate with your US target audience.

Real Estate

Campaign Launch and Ongoing Management

With a trained team and a clear action plan in place, we launch your campaign. Our state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure enable efficient and effective communication, ensuring high-quality interactions. Throughout the campaign, your dedicated Account Manager will provide you with regular updates, performance reports, and insights.

Real Estate

Continuous Improvement and Scaling

We believe in continuous improvement and adaptability. Based on performance data and feedback, we'll refine our strategies and scripts to enhance effectiveness. As your business grows, we're ready to scale our services to meet your evolving needs.

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Why Choose Hit Rate Solutions?

US-Focused Expertise

Our team is meticulously trained in US business communication and cultural nuances, ensuring seamless interactions with your target audience.

Results-Driven Approach

We focus on delivering tangible outcomes, not just call volume. Our strategies prioritize qualified leads, appointments, or the specific metrics that matter most to your business.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Experience the benefits of high-quality outsourcing from the Philippines without sacrificing quality. Our flexible pricing models fit your budget without compromising results.

Collaborative Partnership

We view ourselves as an extension of your team, working closely with you through every stage to ensure your campaign's success.

24/7 Availability

We’ll help your campaigns maintain momentum with around-the-clock support, maximizing your reach to your US target audience.

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Wanna Be Our Next Happy Partner

Explore how we've helped our clients achieve remarkable results in the insurance sector, backed by data and client success stories.

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Order Taking


Customer Support

Customer Support for Niche Market Concepts

Sheds4Less is an ecommerce company out of Missouri. They started with 1 online store back in 2006.

Massive Sales Growth

Partnering with Hit Rate Solutions led to a staggering 550% increase in quarterly sales for Sheds4Less, rising from 300 sales to 1950 sales.

Order Volume Expansion

With the assistance of our services, Sheds4Less was able to handle up to 100 orders per day during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant rise from their initial 20-30 orders per day.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By enhancing customer support and reducing the time to order, Hit Rate Solutions helped Sheds4Less boost customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.

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Order Taking


Live Call Transfer

Live Call Transfer for Safer Wholesaler

Safer Wholesaler is an ecommerce company from New Lenox, Illinois. They started selling in a Flea Market.

Enhanced Call Volume

Safer Wholesaler experienced a 75% increase in daily call volume after implementing Hit Rate Solutions, bolstering their customer engagement significantly.

Substantial Increase in Transfers

Our services facilitated a boost in daily transfers from 8 to 21, enhancing customer and sales associate interactions for quicker transactions.

Lead Generation Boost

Safer Wholesaler's weekday leads saw a significant increase from 70 to 280, supporting their aim of enhancing conversions and reducing abandonment.

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Cold Calling


Cold Calling for Reverse Care

Senior Solutions Group is a non-profit charitable organization that helps and educates senior groups on various financial products.

Significant Associate Increase

With Hit Rate Solutions, Senior Solutions Group experienced a 400% boost in associates, enabling greater outreach and pre-qualification of senior customers.

Impressive Transfer Uplift

Our services contributed to an over 150% increase in daily transfers, escalating from 15 to 40 transfers per day.

Greater Customer Pre-Qualification

By pre-qualifying the 55+ years old senior community across the U.S., the organization successfully found more and better-qualified customers.

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Answering Service


Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist for Doctors on Call

Doctors on Call is a company that helps California residents contact their physicians.

Exceptional Call Handling

Hit Rate Solutions ensured that Doctors on Call never missed a call, answering within 2 seconds, thereby decreasing customer wait times significantly.

Substantial Customer Satisfaction Boost

Through efficient handling of calls, we helped Doctors on Call increase customer satisfaction by 85%, ensuring their patients' needs were met.

Complete Coverage of Patient Concerns

Our solutions catered to 95% of patient concerns, successfully connecting them with their physicians, and significantly reducing dropped or missed calls.

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Appointment Setting


Appointment Setting for Logan Klink

Logan Klink is an agent under American Income life insurance company which has clients from Canada and New Zealand but originated in New York.

Profound Appointment Boost

Through Hit Rate Solutions, Logan Klink was able to secure 3-4 appointments per week, a 300% increase, enhancing his productivity and client outreach.

Increased Deal Closure

With our support, Logan managed to close 5 deals per week, which significantly amplified his sales figures.

Top Agent Ascension

Leveraging our services, Logan became one of the top agents of American Income, successfully establishing long-term relationships with his clients and boosting his career in life insurance.

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Appointment Setting


Appointment Setting for Diligent Recovery

Diligent Recovery is a firm in California County that helps homeowners recover their houses.

Appointments Surge

Hit Rate Solutions helped Diligent Recovery boost their appointments with homeowners by 150%, enabling them to consistently secure 2-3 appointments per week.

Client Retention Success

Thanks to our services, 85% of Diligent Recovery's clients managed to retain their homes post-foreclosure, dramatically fulfilling the firm's mission.

Homeowner Reach Expansion

Our support significantly expanded Diligent Recovery's outreach, ensuring that more homeowners received much-needed assistance after foreclosure.

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Lead Generations


Lead Generations for Bold Leads

Bold Leads is powered by Lonewolf Technologies based in Arizona. They are a leader in real estate lead generation.

Boosted Lead Generation

By partnering with HitRate Solutions, Bold Leads significantly increased their lead generation efforts, resulting in a surge of qualified leads that helped drive more closed deals and revenue growth for the company.

Optimized Back-Office Operations

HitRate Solutions provided essential back-office support services, allowing Bold Leads' real estate agents to focus on their primary task - closing deals. This shift led to increased productivity and boosted customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The dedicated support from HitRate Solutions enabled Bold Leads' agents to deliver superior service to their clients, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, reinforcing the company's position as a trusted partner in the real estate industry.

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Appointment Setting


Appointment Setting for Apex Wireless

Apex Wireless has been an authorized TELUS dealer in Canada for over 30 years.

Upselling Boom

With Hit Rate Solutions' aid, Apex Wireless observed a significant 33% increase in upsold products, boosting their sales revenue.

Customer Reach and Engagement

Hit Rate Solutions successfully expanded Apex Wireless' reach to business specialists, securing their position in a competitive marketplace.

Effective Data Usage Reports

By effectively sending out data usage reports to clients, Hit Rate Solutions helped Apex Wireless raise the number of these reports from 0 to 95%, contributing to an informed and satisfied customer base.

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Appointment Setting


Appointment Setting for Nobee

Originating in Boston, Nobee is the new way to rent.

Streamlined Appointment Setting

HitRate Solutions efficiently arranged apartment tours, helping Nobee showcase their unique rental system and offerings to potential renters.

Successful Lead Pre-Qualification

Through their partnership with HitRate Solutions, Nobee has pre-qualified over 50 renters, ensuring they're engaging with an audience that aligns with their business model.

Business Growth and Enhanced Customer Experience

With HitRate Solutions' support, Nobee has been able to expand their business while also providing a better and more affordable rental experience for their customers.

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Lead Generations


Lead Generations for Dynamic Insurance Services

Dynamic Insurance Services is a pioneer in the final expense sector and is located in Texas. They train their own insurance agents from tier 1-4.

Consistent Lead Generation

Hit Rate Solutions provided Dynamic Insurance Services with 4-5 qualified leads per day, ensuring a steady flow of prospects for their Tier 4 advocate agents.

400% Increase in Tier 4 Advocates

With a successful lead generation strategy, Dynamic Insurance Services grew its top-performing agent team from 2 to 10 Tier 4 advocates, marking a 400% increase.

Empowering Top-Performing Agents

The increase in Tier 4 advocates enabled Dynamic Insurance Services to create the ultimate virtual team of high-performing agents, who manage their own teams and receive overrides on those teams.

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Appointment Setting


Appointment Setting for Cashman Claims

Cashman claims is located in Massachusetts and helps their clients reclaim money that is owed to families, individuals, and businesses.

Efficient Appointment Setting

HitRate Solutions aided Cashman Claims in successfully booking appointments with clients interested in reclaiming their assets, enhancing their operational efficiency.

Enhanced Team Productivity

Collaborating with HitRate Solutions, Cashman Claims grew its appointment-setting team from one to three members, resulting in a 200% increase in efficiency.

Remarkable Asset Recovery

With efficient appointment setting and asset recovery process, Cashman Claims successfully returned over $1,350,000 in unclaimed property nationwide.

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Appointment Setting


Appointment Setting for Integrity Marketing

Integrity Marketing is an Insurtech company that started in 2006 in Dallas, Texas.

Appointment Setting Success

With HitRate Solutions' expertise, Integrity Marketing effectively set appointments with agents interested in learning more about their products and services.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

HitRate Solutions' real-time reporting and analytics provided insights to Integrity Marketing, allowing them to track the success of their appointment-setting campaigns.

Remarkable Growth

Through strategic appointment setting and data analysis, Integrity Marketing managed to grow its network impressively, reaching over 420,000 agents and millions of customers.

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Lead Generations


Lead Generations for DH Insurance Group

DH Insurance Group is a medical insurance company for those 65+ years old.

Effective Lead Generation

With the help of HitRate Solutions, DH Insurance Group successfully generated valuable leads and provided their licensed insurance agents with a list of potential customers who were interested in Medicare options.

Customer-Centric Tool Development

HitRate Solutions developed a 60-second comparison tool, enabling DH Insurance Group's customers to compare Medicare plans and estimate savings quickly and efficiently.

Targeted Outreach for 65+ Customers

HitRate Solutions' targeted approach allowed DH Insurance Group to reach potential customers aged 65 and above, expanding their customer base and enhancing their services.

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Order Taking


Order Taking for OMRS

OMRS operates from Manhattan. They provide a delivery service system for local retail shops and restaurants.

24/7 Customer Support

HitRate Solutions provided OMRS with round-the-clock customer support, ensuring no order was missed and each customer was adequately serviced, no matter the time of day.

Team Expansion and Scalability

OMRS saw a significant growth in their customer support team, from one to eight people, courtesy of HitRate Solutions' scalable services, enhancing operational efficiency and order management.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By managing orders promptly and providing constant support, HitRate Solutions greatly improved customer satisfaction and retention for OMRS, fostering positive customer experiences.

Commitment to Excellence

Outsourcing Call Center Services

At Hit Rate Solutions, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We strive to become a trusted partner in your business’s growth. Our flexible pricing plans, expert team, and dedication to quality ensure that you receive the best possible return on your investment.

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What Our Satisfied Clients Say About Us

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Our real estate firm has taken off over the past year and I knew we needed more help. It has been such a huge help to have Hit Rate working for us as well. Incredibly talented team and they work so hard to help us out!

Rudy Martinez



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I’m so happy with the services so far and it’s only been a few weeks. Such a sigh of relief knowing there is always someone tending to our customers!

Mark from Wine butler



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Talented call center that offers a suite of services that benefit our IT company. I’m so happy to have found them and given them a chance.

Patrick Rupsch



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