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Call Center Pricing: A Comprehensive Guide

You're on Your Way to Making the Right Decision for Your Business

Navigating the call center pricing landscape can be challenging, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. One of the main criteria for a successful business is the ability to manage money, and above all, the ability to allocate and focus finances on the most important business aspects.

This guide is for those who are looking for answers to the following questions: how much do call center services cost on average, what options are available, how can you save money, and how can you calculate your expenses? You'll also be able to answer your main question: is it possible to find affordable call center services in the U.S. and abroad without overpaying or compromising on quality?

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest."
– Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator, and author

By the Way, How Do We Know What an Affordable Call Center Is?

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According to Merriam-Webster, the word "affordable" means reasonably priced. "Reasonable" is also a key attitude for budget-conscious individuals who want to focus their budgets primarily on core activities.

An affordable outsourced call center, in turn, provides quality services without breaking the bank. At Hit Rate Solutions, we pride ourselves on being one of the most cost-effective call centers on the market without sacrificing quality. You can leave us a message now to learn more, or keep reading and find out all the details!

Types of Call Centers and Their Pricing Models

Explore the world of call centers and learn about the different types and pricing models to make an informed decision for your business.

Understanding the different pricing models will help you choose the most cost-effective option for your business's unique requirements. As you might have noticed, Hit Rate Solutions provide flexible prices based on a "per-hour" model, but we also offer our customers two plans to best suit their needs supporting them 24 7.


Inbound Call Centers

Inbound call centers handle incoming customer calls, addressing inquiries, complaints, and support requests. Pricing models for inbound centers usually include a per-minute or per-hour rate, with some providers offering volume-based discounts.

Retail & Ecommerce Call Center

Outbound Call Centers

Outbound call centers proactively contact customers for sales, lead generation, or engagement. They typically use a pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale pricing model, ensuring that businesses pay only for successful calls.


Blended Call Centers

Blended call centers offer both inbound and outbound services, maximizing efficiency and catering to diverse needs. These centers often use a hybrid pricing model that combines per-minute, per-hour, or per-lead rates, providing flexibility in managing costs.

Real Estate

Omnichannel Call Centers

Omnichannel contact centers provide support through various channels, such as phone, email, chat, and social media, ensuring seamless customer experiences. These centers usually adopt a per-channel pricing model, allowing businesses to select and pay for only the channels they require.

"The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity, and reduce work cycles." – Azim Premji, Indian business tycoon and philanthropist

Factors Influencing Call Center Cost

Understanding the factors that influence call center pricing can help you make informed decisions and maximize your budget.

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Geographical Location

Call center pricing varies depending on the geographical location, with different call center outsourcing costs and regions offering different costs for labor and overheads.

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Level of Service and Expertise

The level of expertise and range of services offered by a call or in-house contact center directly impact the call center prices' overall cost.

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Technology and Infrastructure

Advanced technology and infrastructure can increase efficiency but may also contribute to higher call center rates.

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Call Volume

The number of calls per hour and workload managed by the call center agents influence the pricing due to required staffing and resources.

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Specialization and Industry-Specific Services

Call centers and companies specializing in specific industries or services may charge higher prices due to their tailored expertise and programs.

How Call Centers Charge for Their Services: Exploring Call Center Pricing Models

Let's delve into the various pricing models generally employed by call centers to help you make an informed decision. In the diagram below, you can see and evaluate the pros and cons of each model.

Pricing Model




Hourly Rate

Charges based on the amount of time agents spend handling calls or tasks

Easy to understand and control costs

May not reflect actual call volume

Per Call or Per Minute

Charges clients based on the number or duration of calls

Precise cost tracking

Can vary significantly with call volume

Performance – Based

Ties costs to successful outcomes or results, incentivizing top – notch service

Aligns call center goals with client goals

May result in higher costs for better result

Subscription – Based

Charges a set amount for a specific range of services

Predictable costs

Limited flexibility in service customization

Cost Per Lead

Charges clients for each qualified lead generated

Directly tied to results

Cost can vary depending on lead quality

Call Center Pricing by Location

Table of the general prices for outsourcing to different regions in 2023


Average Price (USD/hour)

United States/Canada


Western Europe


Eastern Europe




Africa/Middle East


Latin America






Philippines Vs India Call Center Services: Which One To Choose?

Ok, suppose you have considered applying to the most affordable options on the market, When considering outsourcing call center services, both the Philippines and India are popular choices. While India is known for its vast talent pool and lower costs, the Philippines stands out for its cultural affinity with the US, excellent English-speaking agents, and strong customer service-oriented mindset. Ultimately, the choice depends on your business priorities. If cost savings are your main concern, India may be the better option. However, if you prioritize cultural alignment and exceptional customer experience, the Philippines could be the ideal choice for your call center needs.

Comparison Of Cost Factors Between Outsourcing And Maintaining An In-House Call Center

Cost Factor

Outsourcing Call Center

In-House Call Center

Setup Costs



Staff Recruitment and Training


Separate Expense

Staff Salaries and Benefits



Technology and Infrastructure


Separate Expense

Ongoing Maintenance and Upgrades


Separate Expense

Management and Supervision


Separate Expense

Office Space and Utilities


Separate Expense

Scalability and Flexibility



24/7 Availability

Often Included

Additional Expense

Access to Global Talent Pool



Outsourcing vs. In-house Call Center Costs

Discover the cost differences between call center outsourcing and maintaining an in-house call center to make the best decision for your business.

In-house Call Center Costs


Average Price per Employee

Average Price per Employee (Outsource)

Average Price per 5 Employees (Inhouse)

Average Price per 5 Employees (Outsource)


$25,000 – $45,000

$4,000 - $8,000

$125,000 - $225,000

$20,000 - $40,00

Benefits (e.g. health insurance, PTO)

30% of salary

Included in the price

30% of total salary

Included in the price

Recruitment and training

$1,000 – $5,000

Included in the price

$5,000 - $25,000

Included in the price

Office space and utilities

$2,000 - $10,000

Included in the price

$10,000 - $50,000

Included in the price

Technology and development

$1,000 - $3,000

Included in the price

$5,000 - $15,000

Included in the price

Ongoing training and development

$500 - $2,000

Included in the price

$2,500 - $10,000

Included in the price

Management and supervision


Included in the price


Included in the price

Office supplies and miscellaneous expenses

$300 - $1,000

Included in the price

$1,500 - $5,000

Included in the price


$29,800 - $66,000

$4,000 - $8,000

$149,000 - $330,000

$20,000 - $40,000

As you can see - outsourcing is very profitable!

"In the long run, outsourcing is another form of trade that benefits the U.S. economy by giving us cheaper ways to do things." – Janet Yellen, American economist and former Chair of the Federal Reserve

Potential Savings And Benefits Of Outsourcing

Potential Savings and Benefits of Outsourcing

Amount / Percentage Saved

Reduced labor costs (salaries and benefits)

40% - 70%

Elimination of recruitment and training costs


Lower office space and utilities expenses

90% - 100%

Reduced technology and equipment costs

50% - 80%

Access to specialized expertise and services

Varies, but can lead to better results

Scalability and flexibility

Adjust workforce size as needed, without long-term commitments

Time savings for management

Focus on core business functions

24/7/365 coverage

Improved customer support availability

Outsourcing call center services can lead to significant savings and benefits including lower labor costs, more hours, reduced overhead, and access to specialized expertise.

Call Center

How to Estimate Your Call Center Costs

Estimating your call center costs involves considering various factors that contribute to the overall expense. Here are some steps to help you determine the costs.

  • Determine the type of call center services required

    Determine the type of call center services required: Inbound, inbound and outbound, blended, or omnichannel. Each type has different pricing models and costs.

  • Assess the call volume

    Calculate the number of calls your business handles daily, weekly, or monthly. Higher call volumes might result in better pricing options or require more agents to answer them.

  • Location of the call center

    Costs vary depending on whether you choose a domestic, nearshore, or offshore call center. Compare pricing options for different locations.

  • Level of expertise and specialization

    Consider whether you expect to require agents with specific skills or industry knowledge. Specialized agencies and services may come with additional costs.

  • Technology and infrastructure

    Identify the tools, software, and hardware needed for the call center to function efficiently. Some providers include these costs in their pricing, while others may charge extra.

  • Pricing model

    Evaluate various pricing models, such as hourly rates, call per hour per client, call/per minute, performance-based, or subscription-based models. Choose the one that best aligns with your business needs and budget.

  • Additional services

    Factor in any extra services you may need, such as multilingual customer support, quality assurance, or advanced reporting.

Once you have considered all these factors, request quotes from multiple call center providers and compare their pricing, services, and expertise. This will help you identify the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Examples And Scenarios To Illustrate The Process

Example 1: Small Business

Scenario: A small business with a customer base of around 5000 is looking to outsource its call center services for handling customer inquiries and support.

  • Factor in any extra services you may need, such as multilingual customer support, quality assurance, or advanced reporting.

  • Evaluate different call center pricing models, such as hourly rates or per-call charges.

  • Compare quotes from multiple call center providers, taking into account their expertise, location, and any additional fees.

Example 2: E-commerce Company

Scenario: An e-commerce company experiencing rapid growth wants to outsource its call center services to handle increasing customer demands.

  • Analyze call volume trends and predict future call volumes based on sales projections.

  • Consider the importance of multi-channel support (email, chat, social media), and factor in the associated costs.

  • Assess the need for specialized agents, such as those with experience in handling returns or technical support, and factor in the higher costs associated with specialized skills.

Example 3: Seasonal Business

Scenario: A seasonal business, like a tax preparation firm, experiences a surge in call volume during specific months of the year and wants to outsource its call center services.

  • Estimate the fluctuating call volumes during peak and off-peak seasons.

  • Explore flexible call center pricing options, such as pay-as-you-go or performance-based models, which allow businesses to scale up or down depending on their needs.

  • Negotiate with call center providers for a customized plan that caters to the unique requirements of a seasonal business.

"The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it." – Alphonso Jackson, former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Strategies for Cutting Call Center Expenses

Managing call center costs is crucial for businesses aiming to maximize their budgets. In this section, we'll uncover various strategies to trim expenses without sacrificing quality customer service.

Tips for Negotiating Better Pricing with Call Center Providers

  • Research multiple providers and compare their pricing

  • Clearly outline your requirements and expectations

  • Ask for discounts or special offers for long-term commitments

  • Consider volume-based pricing for reduced per-call rates

  • Leverage positive relationships with providers for better deals

Harnessing Technology and Automation to Cut Costs

  • Implement advanced call routing systems to increase efficiency

  • Use AI-powered chatbots for handling simple customer queries

  • Opt for cloud-based solutions to save on infrastructure costs

  • Automate repetitive tasks with robotic process automation (RPA)

  • Monitor agent performance with real-time analytics for targeted improvements

Streamlining Call Center Operations and Processes

  • Establish well-defined processes and standard operating procedures

  • Train agents in cross-functional skills to handle various call types

  • Optimize workforce management for improved scheduling and resource allocation

  • Implement a performance-based reward system to encourage efficiency

  • Constantly review and update processes to eliminate bottlenecks and redundancies

Choosing the Best Call Center for Your Business

Identify the key factors to consider when selecting the ideal call center provider for your business.

  • Assess the provider's industry experience and expertise.

  • Evaluate their service quality and customer satisfaction ratings.

  • Compare pricing models and costs.

  • Determine compatibility with your business's values and objectives.

  • Examine their technology and infrastructure capabilities.

  • Analyze scalability and flexibility to accommodate future growth.

  • Review contract terms and conditions.

Call Center

Debunking Myths: Affordable US Call Center Services Are a Reality

As business owners sift through the landscape of call center services in the US, they often stumble upon a pressing question: are affordable call center services a myth or reality? The truth is, affordable and accessible call center services are not only possible but readily available, particularly for small businesses. This reality is best exemplified by the Philippines-based call center, Hit Rate Solutions.

At Hit Rate Solutions, we strike a balance between quality service and affordability. Small businesses can confidently entrust us with their call center needs, assured in the knowledge that they're making a savvy decision for their business growth. By outsourcing inbound and outbound calls to us, businesses unlock significant savings, enabling them to channel resources more effectively toward their core services and promotions.

Our team of experienced agents embodies a commitment to top-tier service while maintaining competitive costs. Utilizing advanced technology, streamlined processes, and a customer-centric approach, we ensure a seamless experience for your customers. With our cost-effective call center services, you can be confident that your business will reap the dual benefits of savings and superior support.

In essence, affordable call center services in the US are far from a myth. By outsourcing to Hit Rate Solutions in the Philippines, small businesses can harness the benefits of high-quality, cost-effective call center services, empowering them to concentrate on their key activities and core business promotions.

Deciphering Call Center Pricing: The Final Word

Grasping the complexities of call center pricing is vital for making informed decisions that profoundly influence your business. Thorough research and careful consideration of various factors will guide you toward the most cost-effective call center provider tailored to your unique needs.

Our Philippines call center team brings a host of benefits to the table, including competitive pricing, skilled agents, and a proven history of delivering excellent customer service. Opting for our services lets you tap into the benefits of outsourcing to a Philippines call center, all at a budget-friendly price point without any quality compromises.

With a strategic geographical location, lower labor costs, and a highly proficient English-speaking workforce, our Philippines call center stands out as the ideal choice for businesses seeking cost-effective call center outsourcing services. We encourage you to delve deeper into our offerings and reach out to us for a personalized quote. Together, we can pave the path to your business success by delivering outstanding call center support that aligns with your budget and objectives.

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