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Virtual Receptionist for Doctors on Call by Hit Rate Solutions

Exceptional Call Handling

Hit Rate Solutions ensured that Doctors on Call never missed a call, answering within 2 seconds, thereby decreasing customer wait times significantly.

Substantial Customer Satisfaction Boost

Through efficient handling of calls, we helped Doctors on Call increase customer satisfaction by 85%, ensuring their patients' needs were met.

Complete Coverage of Patient Concerns

Our solutions catered to 95% of patient concerns, successfully connecting them with their physicians, and significantly reducing dropped or missed calls.

Doctors on Call is a company that helps customers contact their physicians. With the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an increase in call overflow and the company needed to provide a more efficient and effective way to manage these calls.

[Overview & Goal]

Doctors on Call faced challenges in managing call overflow and providing customers with quick access to their physicians. They needed a solution that would increase customer satisfaction and decrease wait times for customers.


Doctors on Call turned to Hit Rate Solutions for their answering service and virtual receptionist needs. The solution enabled the company to provide a redundant staffing system, ensuring that they never missed a call. Additionally, Hit Rate Solutions answered calls in 2 seconds, with 0 dropped or missed calls recorded since hiring them. The solution increased customer satisfaction by 85%, with 95% of patient concerns catered to by associates who helped them reach their doctors.


After implementing Hit Rate Solutions, Doctors on Call saw a significant increase in customer satisfaction and a decrease in wait times for customers. The solution allowed them to never miss a call, ensuring that patients always had access to their physicians.

With the help of Hit Rate Solutions, Doctors on Call was able to manage call overflow and provide customers with quick access to their physicians. The solution enabled them to increase customer satisfaction by 85% and never miss a call. The result was an efficient and effective system that catered to patient concerns, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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