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Insurance Services

Lead Generations for Dynamic Insurance Services by Hit Rate Solutions

Consistent Lead Generation

Hit Rate Solutions provided Dynamic Insurance Services with 4-5 qualified leads per day, ensuring a steady flow of prospects for their Tier 4 advocate agents.

400% Increase in Tier 4 Advocates

With a successful lead generation strategy, Dynamic Insurance Services grew its top-performing agent team from 2 to 10 Tier 4 advocates, marking a 400% increase.

Empowering Top-Performing Agents

The increase in Tier 4 advocates enabled Dynamic Insurance Services to create the ultimate virtual team of high-performing agents, who manage their own teams and receive overrides on those teams.

Dynamic Insurance Services is a Texas-based insurance company that specializes in Final Expense insurance. They have a unique approach to training their insurance agents, which includes four tiers of training to ensure competency in all aspects of the business.

[Overview & Goal]

Dynamic Insurance Services wanted to build their Tier 4 advocate agents, who are their top-performing agents. They needed help in generating leads for these top-tier agents to ensure they had a consistent flow of qualified prospects to work with.


Dynamic Insurance Services partnered with HitRate Solutions to help them generate Tier 4 advocate leads. HitRate Solutions qualified leads and transferred 4-5 customers per day to the Tier 4 advocates.


The partnership with HitRate Solutions has been a tremendous success for Dynamic Insurance Services. They started with two Tier 4 advocates and now have 10 as of today. This has resulted in a 400% increase in Tier 4 advocates.  With the addition of the new Tier 4 advocates, Dynamic Insurance Services has been able to create the ultimate virtual team of top-performing agents. These agents manage their own virtual teams and get overrides on that team.

Overall, Dynamic Insurance Services has seen significant growth in their business due to the success of their partnership with HitRate Solutions in generating Tier 4 advocate leads.

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Lead Generations


Lead Generations for Bold Leads

Bold Leads is powered by Lonewolf Technologies based in Arizona. They are a leader in real estate lead generation.

Boosted Lead Generation

By partnering with HitRate Solutions, Bold Leads significantly increased their lead generation efforts, resulting in a surge of qualified leads that helped drive more closed deals and revenue growth for the company.

Optimized Back-Office Operations

HitRate Solutions provided essential back-office support services, allowing Bold Leads' real estate agents to focus on their primary task - closing deals. This shift led to increased productivity and boosted customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The dedicated support from HitRate Solutions enabled Bold Leads' agents to deliver superior service to their clients, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, reinforcing the company's position as a trusted partner in the real estate industry.

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Lead Generations


Lead Generations for DH Insurance Group

DH Insurance Group is a medical insurance company for those 65+ years old.

Effective Lead Generation

With the help of HitRate Solutions, DH Insurance Group successfully generated valuable leads and provided their licensed insurance agents with a list of potential customers who were interested in Medicare options.

Customer-Centric Tool Development

HitRate Solutions developed a 60-second comparison tool, enabling DH Insurance Group's customers to compare Medicare plans and estimate savings quickly and efficiently.

Targeted Outreach for 65+ Customers

HitRate Solutions' targeted approach allowed DH Insurance Group to reach potential customers aged 65 and above, expanding their customer base and enhancing their services.

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