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by Mary Salgado


Mar 13, 2021

What a Startup Should Know before Outsourcing Their Customer Service

Do you recall parts of the cars being constructed worldwide, like the mirrors, door handles, and interior panels? To cut down on labor costs, corporations started to rip apart their current structures and moved to areas overseas for a small percentage of the price. Well, customer service just so happened to be one of these areas.

What a Startup Should Know before Outsourcing Their Customer Service

During this time, entrepreneurs worldwide got curious and started to ask questions such as “Is outsourcing reserved solely for big corporations or Fortune 500 companies? Some decided that it wasn’t just for them and that right there is where the real journey began as a large variety of medium and small businesses started to outsource. Entrepreneurial bloggers started to blog about their experiences and experimentations with outsourcing tasks such as scheduling, online research, managing email, and much more.

During the mid-2000s, we saw outsourcing starting to bloom as it transformed into a mainstream business solution. This concept also took off in the media, with guides scattered throughout the World Wide Web.

The main focus during this time was eliminating things that clogged up your workday. Who wanted to sit there all day and answer emails when they could hire someone to do it? Customer interactions should be at the top of the list, and it’s not something that you can skip over. Many entrepreneurs and small companies wondered why they should hire a customer support representative to work in their office (in-house) when they could outsource one that worked from their own home for way less.

If you have been thinking about outsourcing your customer support, think about what it can do for you. For starters, it is going to help you save a large amount of money. For example, hiring an in-house customer service rep vs. outsourcing – if you were to hire an in-house customer service rep, you will need to provide them with an office and all of the equipment and software that comes with the job. If you were to outsource the job, you wouldn’t have to worry about providing them with an office, equipment, or anything, because that is something that they have explicitly invested in for better service. As an additional bonus, you will only be paying for the actual rendered work hours.

If you ask us, outsourcing your customer support job is so much better than hiring an in-house employee. You will save money and won’t have to go through the hassle of training an employee.

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