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Mary Salgado

Operations Manager

Mary Salgado

I joined Hit Rate since 2010.  I started as an associate up to the management position which help me to have a full understanding of the business.  The goal of helping our clients to grow their business and improve our employees' lives serves as my catalyst to assume the operations manager’s position and being responsible for organizational improvements and streamlining business operations that drive growth, increase efficiency and strive to provide an invaluable and cost-effective service.



The University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos - Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Business/Management

STI-WNU University - Bachelor's Degree Business and Personal/Financial Services Marketing Operations


Staying in this industry during Covid-19 was really a challenging experience but we were able to surpass the pandemic igniting our goals as a company.  We valued our customers more, we renewed our vows and commitment of helping them grow their business and always treat them as a business partner.

What inspires you

I do best in what I do because there is a domino effect in our organization if I slack off.

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