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by Mary Saldago


Mar 31, 2021

7 Rules For Customer Service

Customer service can be confusing. You will be meeting and talking to people from various backgrounds with different personalities. At the same time, you have to please them and give the best service you can provide.

Here are few rules your business can follow to give the best customer service.

7 Rules For Customer Service

1. Attitude

It is cardinal to have the right attitude. Your customers need to feel safe you are while communicating with them. You need to build rapport and trust with your customers. Use the right tone, as this will translate your attitude to your customers.

What does the tone of voice mean? It is how your written or spoken words translate.

The tone of your voice and how you write will affect the response you get from your customers. A shift in how you speak may come off as if you have a bad attitude. A conflict like this can easily be avoided by a proper tone when talking to a customer. Doing this will leave a good impression on your customers.

2. Empathy

As a customer service provider, you need to be empathetic towards your customers. Customers would call for help and ask you to solve their problems. Those problems might be simple; you still need to have empathy.

You might be dealing with a furious customer but understand that they have something that they are dealing with or stressed about a personal issue. Stay calm, listen, and practice empathy. Thank them for bringing the problem up. As best you can, explain to them the steps on how to solve their problem.

After solving their dilemma, follow up. Your after-sales service matters. Check if the solution you offered worked and if they need further assistance. The time in between your initial encounter and the follow up will also allow them to cool down.

3. Quality

The quality of your products/ services should center your customers’ quality standards and not yours. Your products are answers to solve your customers’ problems. As a business owner, your needs and wants on a product might be different from what your target market is asking of you. The products/ services you offer must meet their standards.

Your goal is not just to gain new customers but also to gain returning customers/ clients. Good-quality products will generate the best marketing tool which, is word-of-mouth. The better your product/ services be, the more your customers will recommend your business to their peers.

4. Options

Options, Options, Options. Providing options to your customers creates a sense that they have the power to customize their experience. Providing options will increase your customers’ shopping experience.

The introduction of choice or options in your lineup of products/ services will help your customers choose what product suits their preference, needs, or their wants. Having options will also give customers a sense of fulfillment as they can choose which variant of the product is best for them. Whereas not providing them with product options will limit your customers’ choices and give them a feeling of requirement where they are limited to one product.

5. Immediate

Do not let your customers wait. You and your customers’ time are precious, so be prompt. Avoid having your customers wait before you can answer their call. A longer waiting time will result in giving your customers a wrong impression of your service. Being prompt with answering customer’s queries is also necessary as no one wants to stay on the line longer than needed.  

Your time is also significant. The faster you answer customer’s calls and solve their problems the, more calls you can answer. This win-win situation will let you help one client immediately but, it also allows you to get to more customers. It creates an impression that your business has good customer service.

6. Long-Term Relationship

Your relationship with your customers is long-term. You have to keep your customers coming back. Your business can’t be supported by only having new clientele. A key to keep your customers coming back is by offering good quality customer service. Create rapport with your customers/ clients. Your good relationship and your clients’ trust will make your customers come back. You can do this by giving after-sales customer service, learning about their needs and wants, and knowing what keeps them coming back.

Having repeat customers means that they like your service. These customers may recommend your products/ services to their peers. Word of mouth marketing is very effective yet low-cost. You can generate this by providing quality products and good customer service.

7. Professionalism

Be professional.

Customers will get personal and emotional, and that is normal. Whenever you are dealing with a customer that is angry, stay calm. Much like with the first two points, you must have the right attitude and have empathy. In a phone call with customers, actively listen, and be friendly. It is necessary that you make your customers feel that you care about their problems.

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