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by Mary Salgado


Apr 25, 2021

How to Scale Customer Support without Experiencing Growing Pains

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    When you’re running a business in its infancy, it will be easy to dispense personal, adequate customer support. However, as your business continues to grow, you can count on your support team to develop as well. You’ll have to scale your customer support team, and unfortunately, this is where things may get just a little bit complicated.

    Once you have reached your limit, it is essential to remember that you need to cultivate a personal relationship with each client.

    Can a business scale customer support without having to deal with growing pains? Continue reading to find out how you can do that.

    Scale Customer Support

    Organize Yourself

    You can’t take a large support team and manage it the same way you could drive a large one. Often with growth, there is a dip in the efficiency of the quality of its service.

    Giving your team a solid foundation, you could retain flexibility and alterability. You need to document your process, and collecting your knowledge base will do good. It would help newbies during their onboarding and a reference for tenured employees. It allows you to save time and effort for your team, make everyone informed and up to date. In critical situations, every member of your team, be it a newbie or a tenured one, will surely know how to resolve complex issues.

    Implementing customer self-service options could also be a way to satisfy your customers. Answering recurring questions can be delegated to self-service tools, which will help your agents’ workload while you scale customer support.

    It would help if you also utilized the right tools. Tools that enable cooperation to help your team scale smoothly and collaborate accordingly. These tools would allow your support team to view everything that needs their full attention.

    Use Data to Scale Customer Support

    It is crucial to base your expansion strategy on solid data by monitoring your progress. As the data you collect and analyze begins to provide insight, adjust your workflow accordingly. Next is to set measurable goals and display them for your team as an incentive. You should pick a few Key performance indicators (KPI), for example, the Average Handling Time (AHT). It can help you slowly adjust your workflow. It would also be best to automate repetitive tasks. Strategic utilization of customer support automation reduces conflict for the customer, shortens wait times, and simplifies your agents’ workflow.

    Don’t Lose the Personal Touch

    You must make sure to hire the right people. Hiring new support agents is paramount to growing your operation and satisfying clients. Recent additions to your team must display specific skills required for all support agents. New agents can learn the specifics of your product or service.

    It is essential to provide proper training. It would be best that you have to normalize training methods. It should highlight the areas where agents are struggling and remedy them. Initial training is essential, but so are regular booster shots, as your monitoring efforts help you refine your process.

    Empowering your team is the part of management to empower trusted agents to exercise their best judgment. It provides much more personal service in the eyes of the customer. Customers can tell when an agent puts in special effort to build a human connection.

    On an ending note, scaling customer support without experiencing growing pains may be hard to do, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. By observing and applying the suggestions above, one can avoid the many pains in relation to your quest for the growth of your customer support team. The ultimate goal is a seamless transition which would be beneficial to both the team and the customers.

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