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by Mary Salgado


Feb 14, 2018

Optimizing the Customer Acquisition Process

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    At Hit Rate Solutions we are lucky because we help companies reach their goals and allow the executives, operators and employees to grow their business and be able to focus more on what is unique about their respective company.  We have customers that come to us at different maturity levels in their company lifecycle.

    Optimizing the Customer Acquisition Process

    Our clients acquire customers from a wide variety of channels.  Some of these are new and innovative channels and some are coming to us to help save on costs or grow at scale. These new and innovative channels could be SMS, social media or even through predictive marketing.  Or they could be old school channels such as purchasing lists and cold calling.

    One of the important things for our customers is to align their marketing outreach to their brand and their margin.  The higher the margin business the more they can allocate to marketing.  Brand awareness (or lack thereof) can create its own set of opportunities and challenges.  The lower the margin, the less cost customer acquisition should be relative to each individual transaction.  And for very low margin businesses the goal should be to take the human element away from this process.

    But this can have negative effects.  The more human elements you have in your customer acquisition process the more ways you can tweak and add data points to upsell or cross sell. This is why call center services continued to be a go to channel to expand operational coverage.  Once a system is procetized or if there is a desire to processitize a new offering the economics and options for outsourcing increase.

    While call center outsourcing is only one aspect of any organization’s sales, marketing and customer success practice.  It can be a crucial path to increasing revenue and margin.

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