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by Mary Salgado


May 18, 2022

Live Chat and Email Outsourcing – All You Need to Know

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    Nowadays, live chat support has become a must for businesses that have an online presence. Whether it’s a small business or medium-large enterprise, live chat has greatly improved the customer experience, conversion rate, and website UX.

    69% of customers in the US now prefer businesses that have the live chat option, and 73% of these customers use live chat as their main mode of communication with any business. 54% of customers prefer email as a way to contact customer support. 54% of customers prefer email as a way to contact customer support. The tone and voice in which customer support representatives communicate are just as crucial as the mode of communication.

    According to these stats, if you don’t have a live chat feature where you can respond to customers in real-time or an efficient email support team, you might lose out on customers. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of hiring a team of customer support representatives, you can outsource.

    Live Chat and Email Outsourcing

    What is Live Chat Outsourcing?

    Live chat support teams allow customers to immediately seek answers to their questions or queries. Businesses can respond to their customers in real-time—no need for waiting or being on hold. When people use live chat, they are more likely to have all their concerns addressed and purchase the product or service.

    It’s a highly beneficial service feature, and chat agents who are trained experts can help you with this. When you choose to outsource your live chat support team, you will be able to save business operating costs while also having a 24/7 chat support team available.

    Anytime the customers prefer to do online shopping or visit your website, they will be able to engage with your live chat team. Live chat outsourcing costs depend on how many agents you want to hire and for how many hours during the day. It also depends on the live chat service or software you select.

    Live Chat Outsourcing

    What is Email Outsourcing?

    Your customers want prompt, high-quality email support services. When you outsource your email support service team, you can provide them with quick and satisfying responses 24/7. Additionally, email support teams are properly trained to deal with customers over email, so they will provide you with professional and top-notch services.

    Why Outsource Live Chat and Email Support?

    1. When you hire a team of experts to provide their services, you’re taking off the burden of these duties from your in-house employees and increasing efficiency and productivity. Your chat support agents work on their tasks only instead of having many job responsibilities.
    2. Your in-house employees will have more time to work on their jobs instead of responding to customers.
    3. More customers can reach out to you, knowing they’ll get an immediate response. Your customer support team can interact with these customers, and the real human interaction will boost customer satisfaction.

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