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by Mary Salgado


May 11, 2022

How And Why You Should Automate Your Customer Service

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    A good example of this is customer service automation, which aims to improve the efficiency of support agents by reducing the number of live human interactions. It also prevents businesses from experiencing high call volumes.

    Look no further if you’re looking to understand how automation can help you make the most of your customer service department. Here’s a full rundown of how modern customer service solutions work.

    What Is Customer Service Automation?

    Automated customer service is a process that eliminates the need for human interaction to provide better service to customers. It can be achieved by using self-service tools and simulated chat conversations.

    Some of the commonly used automated customer service tools include chatbots, email automation, and self-service help centers. Traditionally, companies have relied on their support agents to handle customer service issues. They managed their interactions through various channels such as email, phone calls, and chat.

    Unfortunately, hiring support agents can add costs to a company. With the use of customer service automation, businesses can lower their support costs and improve the quality of their service.

    Why You Should Automate Your Customer Service

    Aside from lower costs, automated customer service can also improve the quality of service provided by a company.

    1) Reduces Customer Service Costs

    According to a study conducted by consulting firm McKinsey, businesses implementing customer service automation can reduce their support costs by up to 40%.

    The cost savings that a company can realize by implementing customer service automation can be beyond their initial investment. It can also increase their customers’ lifetime value.

    Implementing customer service automation can help employees focus on satisfying the customers instead of measuring their daily metrics.

    2) Enhances Human Interactions At Key Touchpoints

    In today’s world, the customer experience is often tied to the customer journey, so businesses need to implement customer service automation. For instance, if a real estate agent is helping a client buy their first home, the agent should be able to provide timely and relevant information to help ease their anxiety.

    Being able to anticipate a customer’s needs before they arise can help employees focus on the most important tasks.

    3) Improves Efficiencies And Speed To Value

    Improves Efficiencies And Speed To Value

    With automation, customers get value from a company by having shorter response times. This can help agents resolve more complex issues.

    Instead of resolving a customer’s issue quickly, support agents can focus on improving the customer’s experience. This approach can reduce the number of complaints and improve customer satisfaction.

    If your support team adopts a customer service metric like the First Contact Resolution or the Average Handle Time, automation can help them reach their goals.

    4) Encourages Support for Team Collaboration

    Automated tools can help support teams improve collaboration and reduce the number of steps to resolve customer complaints. For instance, they can automate the review of a ticket to prevent it from falling through the cracks.

    Some helpdesks also have internal wiki capabilities that allow agents to collaborate on topics. They can then suggest content from their knowledge base to improve the resolution rate.

    Reap The Rewards Of Automation With Hit Rate Solutions

    Businesses are increasingly integrating automation to modernize their customer service metrics and reaping the long-term benefits. If you’re looking to have the best customer service available for your company, look no further than Hit Rate Solutions.

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