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by Mary Salgado


Apr 27, 2017

Insurance Telemarketing Scripts

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    Effective insurance telemarketing scripts is just the beginning of a successful telemarketing campaign. It can be an effective tool for your business, for an easy and effective way to increase your profits and promote your products or services to your consumers. It uses two primary purposes; lead generation and appointment setting. We see all types of insurance areas including life, auto and final expense. Here is how our customers typically use our service:

    • Telemarketing lead generation is typically done using well thought out and tested insurance scripts.
    • Appointment Setting is a path to growing your company through increased profitable sales. Having a great script can positively impact results.
    Insurance Telemarketing Scripts

    One solution insurance providers use to meet their needs is to hire a company to call in order to generate pipeline activity using a targeted appointment setting or lead generation campaign. A script is going to help drive performance. Let’s review some key tips, techniques and best practices to ensure an effective insurance lead generation campaign:

    • Buyer Persona: representation of who buyers are, what they are trying to accomplish, what goals drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy, and why they make buying decisions.existing customers.. Most buyer personas used and identified will be predicated on the type of insurance you are offering.
    • Prospect Scorecard: performance evaluation of prospects that have always been very focused purely on financial aspects.
    • Targeted prospect and email list: First task in building a targeted prospect list is defining exactly who you want to target. Start figuring out who you should be aiming for. Doing your own research is a great help. Consider what account details may be a good indicators like the size of the company, that includes the number of employees or turnover, geographical information and industry. There are many 3rd party providers who can provide data. For insurance telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting campaigns data and script have a significant impact on results (along with your professional making the calls).
    • Compelling Telemarketing Scripts utiize your value proposition and top 3 differentiators: Understanding what your customer needs to do with your product or service before they can sell it on, or to run their business, enables you to adjust your value proposition.
    • Professional Appointment Setter: They assist sales people by calling prospects and scheduling meetings. Have the characteristic of commercial thinking, accuracy, very good communication skills and a result-oriented attitude.

    Here is a simple sample of an auto insurance script.

    Insurance Agency Telemarketing Script

    Hello, (First name of prospect) this is Anne Smith with “XXX” insurance. We wanted to call and thank you for being a member of XXX by offering you a free no-obligation quote on your auto insurance. First, I need to confirm your address; I have _____________ (confirm or obtain address) is that correct? How long have you lived at this address?(If less than 2 years obtain previous address)

    (After address confirmation, continue to qualifying questions)

    Qualifying Questions

    • How many vehicles do you have?
    • What is the year, make and models of your vehicles?
    • Who are you currently insured with?
    • How long have you been with ______ (insurance company)?
    • What is your marital status? (if married ask spouse’s name)
    • Are there any additional drivers we should include?
    • How much do you pay monthly for your auto insurance?
    • What is your Date of Birth?
    • What’s your driver’s license number?
    • What is your email address?
    • Are you currently a Homeowner or Renter?​


    That’s all we need right now. We will call you back within 1-2 business days to go over the quote we have prepared, at that time we may need to ask a couple more questions about your current coverage. Does that sound okay?

    Thank you for your time, and have a great day!

    Some tips in developing an effective script:

    • Include your top 3 differentiators in your telemarketing script.
    • You need to identify who your audience is. You can’t make an appropriate message if you don’t know who you are talking with.
    • The most important task is to build an appropriate message for your audience. You should know what exactly you wanted to say and how you will say it.
    • Know the specific hours and days for scheduling, to avoid conflicts and delays. and Lastly, Be ready for objections and rebuttals.

    A good start point is to work on the key tips above to enable you to build an effective and captivating telemarketing call structure that will help you generate more telemarketing appointments.

    Elevate Your Insurance Sales with Proven Telemarketing Strategies!

    Harness the power of structured telemarketing scripts and boost your insurance lead generation efforts today.

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