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by Mary Salgado


Feb 6, 2017

What are the Most Common Inbound Call Center Campaigns?

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    Inbound call centers are a trend all over the world because of their convenience, either you are a consumer at home or have a small business. The most common call center campaigns are:

    Customer Service

    The most common inbound campaign that we come across are customer service type campaigns. The reason for this is that most companies are trying to provide more convenience for their customers to be able to purchase products more easily. In today’s climate, customers have more choices than ever on where to buy and businesses need to meet the customer where they want to purchase. So for example, if you a have a customer having challenges buying online you need to help them while still maintaining a profitable transaction.

    Inbound Call Center Campaigns

    Characteristics of Good Customer Service:

    • Promptness – Promises for delivery of products must be on time. Delays and cancellations of products should be avoided.
    • Politeness – Being polite and conscientious whether a customer will make a purchase or not.
    • Professionalism – All customers should be treated professionally, it means that the use of competence or skills expected of professionals. It is one way of saying that the customers is being cared for.
    • Personalization – Using a customer’s name is very effective in showing loyalty, customer wants to be dealt with on a personal level.

    Technical Support

    Technical support is provided by a technical support representative with a thorough knowledge about troubleshooting.

    Duties and Tasks of a Technical Support Representative:

    • Perform a question diagnosis while guiding users through step by step solutions
    • Gather customer’s information and determine the issue by evaluating and analyzing the symptoms
    • Stay current with system information, changes and updates
    • Follow up and scheduled call backs to customers when necessary


    Saving time and saving money are the reasons why we call for help if we want to know our latest billing statement or if we have some billing issues.

    Scenario in Billing Support :

    • Inquiries about why customers are being charge
    • Customer’s wants to know recent transactions and wants to view past charges
    • Customers wants to request for a refund

    Importance of an Inbound Call Center

    The key factor of a successful business is giving the customers a 100% satisfactions with all the services you are providing.

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