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by Mary Salgado


Sep 9, 2022

Appeasing Dissatisfied Customers – 4 Best Practices

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    How do you retain a client who called you to yell about your services? How do you make someone see the value in your company if they don’t want anything to do with you in the future? This is one of the oldest textbook problems in customer service and one that we’re still coming up with new solutions for.

    As a leading provider of call center services in the Philippines, Ontario, Florida, and other states all over the world, we appease dissatisfied clients all the time. Believe us when we tell you this: it’s a feat better left to the professionals.

    Escalations are very sensitive. You have to carefully choose your every word and deliver it in a perfect tone. Needless to say, you can’t master the art of appeasing dissatisfied clients by reading about it on the internet. Still, you can use this information to educate yourself about how you can retain clients when you hire call center services.

    With that out of the way, here are four best practices to appease dissatisfied customers.

    Appeasing Dissatisfied Customers

    1- Remember: The Customer is Always Right

    You’ve probably heard this statement a million times before. This doesn’t actually mean that a customer can’t be wrong. However, if a customer is wrong and you disagree with them, the customer thinks your values don’t align with theirs, and you lose a client.

    2- Keep a Level Head

    This is something almost all customer support agents struggle with. You need to control your temper and subdue your frustrations like a monk—only then can you think straight and appease the client successfully.

    3- Convince Them It’s a One-Time Error

    While you have to own up to the customer’s complaints if you want to convince them to stay, they’d leave if they think they’ll face the same problems in the future. You have to convince them that it’s a one-time error and that your company is looking into it.

    4- Offer Them A Discount or a Gift As Courtesy

    Think about how much you spend on marketing to bring a new customer. You can afford to spend up to that amount on retaining a dissatisfied one. If nothing works, offer them a discount or a gift as an apology.


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