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by Mary Salgado


Jul 23, 2021

Why Outsource to a Healthycare BPO in the Philippines?

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    Virtual Receptionist
    Virtual Receptionist

    Healthcare BPO Services We Currently Offer

    • Medical Billing
    • Healthcare Call Center Services
    • Medical Coding
    • Insurance Claims Processing
    • Medical Transcription

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Healthcare BPO?

    The increase we see for healthcare BPO services is due to the aging population. Healthcare business processing outsourcing, or for short, healthcare BPO is a business activity that provides support to medical professionals. When looking into call center outsourcing Philippines, this may be a term that you come across. The ones that are commonly outsourced include coding, medical transcription, and billing services.

    Why is There a Need for Healthcare BPO?

    Approximately 46% of the population in the United States is older than 65. Due to this, the demand for healthcare BPO services are at an all time high. Take those numbers and add it to the amount of people that are in need of medical care who don’t belong in that age group. As the amount of patients grow, so does the need for additional, yet cost effective support, in various healthcare institutions.

    What are the Advantages of BPO Outsourcing?

    BPO call centers offer small businesses several advantages over traditional call centers, including increased efficiency, scalability, and cost savings. Here are some of the key benefits of using a BPO call center for your business.

    • Enhances the quality of patient care
    • Reduces costs
    • Avoids critical mistakes
    • Delivers a better patient experience
    • Leads to more efficient processes
    • Helps create better relationships with clients

    What are the Type of Healthcare BPO Services You Offer?

    Call center services Philippines come in handy, because they can take care of your clients so that you don’t have to worry about your administrative tasks piling up on your desk. Call center outsourcing Philippines can delegate your workload. Our healthcare BPO services include:

    • Physical therapy billing
    • Medical billing
    • Medical transcription
    • Dental billing
    • Medical data processing
    • Healthcare claims processing
    • Physician, medical, veterinarian, dental, and home care answering services

    What Do Healthcare Outsourcing Companies Do?

    There are many reasons why people choose to outsource to Call center services Philippines. For starters, BPO companies help healthcare institution process back end jobs that normally requires a large amount of time as well as meticulous data analysis. Apart from this, healthcare service providers are also available to help with customer inquiries and concerns.

    HIPAA-Certified Healthcare BPO Provider

    Magellan crm (Customer Relations Management) might be at the top of your list – the company is a HIPPA-certified healthcare provider. We guarantee secured and efficient healthcare information treatment services.

    Maximize Your Efficiency with Healthcare BPO Services!

    Experience cost-effective, efficient, and quality healthcare support from the Philippines.

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