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by Mary Salgado


May 31, 2021

Customer Service Recovery: How To

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    Have you ever experienced missing to meet your customer/ client’s expectations?

    Meeting what your customers expect of you is a must. Although customers are not always right, we should always keep them happy. A happy and satisfied customer will keep on coming back to your business. Some sudden challenges or mishaps will happen and, good customer service will help you recover from this catastrophe. You call this Customer Recovery.

    Customer Service Recovery: How To

    Customer recovery is the step a business does for a failed service. The main goal is to convert dissatisfied customers into loyal ones. Your customer service needs to alleviate the customer’s complaints and make them feel good about the experience.

    To help you recover customer, here are few steps you can take:

    1. Apologize

    Make your apology sincere. These scenarios can not be recovered by a scripted sorry. To put this into perspective, your customers have spent their time, money, and effort to purchase your product/ services. At the same time, they are spending their time trying to fix their problem by calling you. Ask for forgiveness on behalf of your company for the catastrophe that had happened.

    Your customers need to feel that their complaints are acknowledged and that you recognize the mistake. They must know you are on their side and that you are taking the issue seriously.

    2. Review

    Before knowing what steps to take to fix their dilemma, you must first review the issue. Know what caused it. Is it caused by a defective product or a problem with your courier, or a simple human error? It will show that your dedication to listening and having the issue solved. Have the customer explain what happed from her perspective. By having your customer explains what happened, you get to have the opportunity to know what the cause or who is the cause of the problem. It allows you to design a plan on how you are going to solve it.  

    3. Fix & Follow-Up

    After figuring out what happened and what caused it, it is now time to fix it. Do this in a timely manner. Assure your customers that you are doing your best to get their problems solved. You must also do after-sales service. Follow-up and ask if the problem is still occurring. You need to do your best to make your customers feel that you want them satisfied with your service. Following up will ensure you that there are no more problems and that your business really cares.

    4. Document

    As a precautionary measure, document what happened. It will allow you to solve a similar problem effortlessly in the future or prevent it from happening. Record the time, date, issue and, solution. Doing this allows you to spot patterns in your customers’ complaints. It provides information so your business can spot the trend of what is happening. Document enough information that your business can use to improve your products or services.

    No one likes experiencing these problems. You might have high-quality products and services but, obstacles like these are inevitable. That does not mean you have to lose customers for it. These steps will ensure that your customers will have a good experience worthy of returning even if they experienced some bumps.

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