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by Mary Salgado


Oct 4, 2018

What would be the Issues When Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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    What would be the Issues When Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

    There are many virtual assistants that work hard and help grow companies from the ground up. However, not all virtual assistants are created equal and there may be some issues when hiring a virtual assistant. What are some common issues with hiring a virtual assistant? That is the question we are going to answer today.

    Before we move forward, we just wanted to start out by letting you know just how important it is to create a clear contract for both of you – something both the client and the VA can agree upon and look back on. However, sometimes, yes, snags can occur. Take a look at some of the common trends among virtual assistants that clients had issues with …

    Issues When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant Language Barrier

    Oh yes, the good old language barrier. Sometimes, you may be hiring an individual that isn’t from your native country and for this reason, there could be some language barrier. Mind you, a language barrier may not be a major issue for the two of you, especially if they are an expert in the field you’re needing the work done in, but it is still an issue that is worth mentioning. Looking further, due to the language barrier, forming a good relationship with the virtual assistant may also be hard. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re not able to understand the virtual assistant during the interview process, then you need to look for a different assistant.

    The Virtual Assistant Runs Off

    It is common to turn around after hiring a virtual assistant only to find yourself empty handed. As a virtual assistant, it is easy to simply leave without saying a word.  Virtual assistants aren’t required to walk into an office on a daily basis – they simply work from the comfort of their home. As a solution to this issue, we recommend having a clear contract in place – a contract will make it easier for the VA to understand the job that is expected and it will also state how the VA can withdraw from the position if they need to.

    The Virtual Assistant Takes A Long Time on Tasks

    Every individual has their own speed, and some just so happen to be slower than others. However, what happens when the assistant continuously goes over the deadline? As a client, you’re not able to watch over your VA and see what they’re doing and that alone is a common issue you’re faced with when hiring a virtual assistant.

    They Don’t have the Skills They Applied for

    This is another common issue that is worth mentioning – clients have a tendency to find that the VA applied for a job, but they don’t match the skills. When you have in-person interviews, it’s easy to pick out the false information, but when the interview is done through the Internet, it’s not always easy, even if you have a video interview.


    While these issues have occurred for many people, virtual assistants are still a big asset to any company that is in need of extra help. Yes, the above issues have occurred for clients, but this doesn’t mean you’re going to run into the issues if you choose to hire a VA. Just keep the lines of communication open, don’t beat around the bush and make sure your VA knows exactly what you expect of them, and you should do just fine.

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