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by Mary Salgado


Nov 15, 2018

What is the Important Role of Lead Generation for Outbound Call Centers?

From time to time, we skim across the Internet to see what other people are talking about in terms of virtual assistant services, outbound calling campaigns and customer support outsourcing – basically, everything we have been writing about. Yesterday, we came across a question that we wanted to bring to our readers attention, because we feel it is something they should know about. The question was: “What is the important role of lead generation for outbound call centers?”

So, what is the important role of lead generation for outbound call centers? Let us explain this to you …

Outbound Call Centers

Call centers are responsible for two functions: The first one is to call the prospective customers, and the second one is to attend the calls from the customers.

Replying to issues and queries of the callers is something that actually comes under the inbound call center category.

When an agent working with a call center picks up the phone and calls someone as part of a telemarketing campaign in order to tell a customer about a new service or product and they are doing this with the intent to sell the service or product to the customer, then this function comes under Outbound call center category.

There are various tools that are used by the call center when they approach customers. These tools may include:

  • Surveys
  • Telemarketing
  • Debt Collection
  • Lead Generation

In one way or another, each and every one of the above tools are being used in a manner to attract prospective buyers to invest in a company’s services/products.

Lead generation is an important tool that can be used in order to boost the growth of a business. More than ever before, we’re finding that businesses are hiring call centers with outbound call services due to the variety of benefits nesting behind it.

Look at some of the features of lead generation …

Generate Leads – A call center is capable of generating leads for you through a variety of forms such s general inquiry, inbound calls, telemarketing, and so on.

The Software – The outbound call center will be using top of the line software, so you don’t have to worry about anything along those lines The software can collect data from the interactions with the callers. You can use this data in order to make predictions and improve your company. You can also use it during the process of lead generation.

Experts – The agents that work at the outbound call center are experts that know exactly what they’re doing. They can increase the chances of your products or services selling.


As long as the business exploits the potential of lead generation wisely, then it is possible for almost every provider to extract benefits from it.

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