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by Mary Salgado


Jan 15, 2024

Top 10 Appointment-Setting Service Call Centers

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    In the competitive world of business, effective appointment-setting is essential. It can significantly enhance customer relations and drive sales. It’s important that you select the best appointment-setting companies and the right call center for this task. Let’s explore the top appointment-setting service call centers, highlighting their benefits and drawbacks.

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    What to Look for in an Ideal Appointment Setting Service:

    • Industry Experience: Choose a call center with experience in your industry.
    • Customization: Look for services that offer tailored solutions for your business needs.
    • Technology Utilization: Ensure they use up-to-date technology for efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Consider services that offer competitive pricing without compromising quality.
    • Reputation and Reviews: Check for testimonials and reviews from other clients.

    1. Hit Rate Solutions

    Hit Rate Solutions

    Renowned for its personalized approach, Hit Rate Solutions has established itself as a leader in the field of business process outsourcing company B2B appointment setting. Specializing in creating meaningful connections between businesses and potential clients, they’re known for their flexibility and client-centric services.

    Key Highlights of Hit Rate Solutions:

    • Focused Client Approach: Hit Rate Solutions is celebrated for its tailored strategies that align with each client's business needs to ensure high-quality appointments and successful sales interactions.
    • Diverse Industry Expertise: They have a broad understanding of various sectors, enabling them to cater to a wide range of business needs.
    • Quality-Driven Leads: Their focus on generating high-conversion potential leads sets them apart in the appointment-setting realm.

    What Makes Hit Rate Solutions Stand Out:

    • Customized Solutions: Hit Rate Solutions excels in understanding and adapting to the specific requirements of each client, so their services are highly effective for businesses of all sizes.
    • Expert Team: Their team of professionals is well-trained in the nuances of B2B communication to ensure that each interaction is handled with the utmost professionalism and efficacy.
    • Client Satisfaction: The commitment to delivering results that truly benefit their clients' businesses is a core value, so they’re a trusted partner for B2B appointment setting.

    Client Experiences and Successes:

    • Positive Feedback: Clients have consistently applauded Hit Rate Solutions for their ability to effectively bridge the gap between businesses and their potential clients, leading to fruitful business opportunities.
    • Success Stories: Numerous businesses have reported significant improvements in their sales pipeline and overall business growth as a direct result of their collaboration with Hit Rate Solutions.

    Here’s one of the recent success stories:

    top clutch review


    Hit Rate Solutions offers more than just appointment setting; they provide prospective clients with a gateway to enhanced business opportunities through their bespoke approach and deep industry knowledge. They’re a valuable asset for any business looking to expand its client base and increase sales efficiency.

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    Elevate Your Business with Hit Rate Solutions

    For companies seeking a dedicated partner to enhance their B2B appointment setting and lead demand generation and strategies, Hit Rate Solutions offers the expertise and proven results to help you achieve your business goals. Explore their tailored solutions and discover how they can contribute to your business's success.

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    2. CIENCE


    Based in Denver, Colorado, CIENCE, established in 2015, has quickly grown to over 1,000 employees. They specialize in innovative B2B lead generation services, particularly in industries like industrial automation, computer software, and financial services.

    Why CIENCE Is a Game-Changer in Lead Generation:

    • Target Clients: Ideal for U.S.-based and global companies with significant marketing budgets. They're especially beneficial for businesses keen on integrating AI-driven lead research both domestically and internationally.
    • Client Roster: Their ability to serve diverse clientele is backed by notable clients such as Yamaha, Uber, and Okta.
    • Sales Team Support: For organizations with small sales teams, CIENCE is a boon, offering support with cold calls, emails, and LinkedIn outreach.
    • Start-Up Growth Partner: They’re also a perfect match for young businesses starting their sales journey from scratch.

    CIENCE's Unique Strengths:

    • AI-Powered Solutions: At the forefront of their services is an AI-powered lead generation and analytics platform, ensuring efficient and data-driven appointment setting.
    • Customized Lead Generation: Their approach involves meticulous lead research and qualification, aligning with the fittest prospects for businesses.
    • Innovative Products: CIENCE offers unique products like GO Data, GO Chat, and GO Intent, enhancing the lead generation process.

    Pricing and Recognition:

    • Cost-Effectiveness: Pricing is tailored, ranging from $4,000 to $9,000, offering flexibility for various business needs.
    • Industry Recognition: They boast a strong social media presence with 75+ Clutch reviews and 166+ on G2, alongside various industrial awards, including the SourceForge Spring Leader Award 2023.

    Impactful Case Studies:

    • SOC Telemed Case Study: Their AI software facilitated 50 meetings with Ideal Customer Profiles, demonstrating its effectiveness.
    • Okta's Success Story: CIENCE played a pivotal role in achieving a 99.9% accuracy rate in processing 1 million contact records.


    CIENCE isn't just about setting appointments; it's about revolutionizing how businesses approach B2B lead generation using cutting-edge technology and AI-driven strategies. Browse further

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    3. Martal Group

    martal group

    Based in Oakville, Canada, Martal Group, established in 2009, has grown into a powerhouse with over 200 employees. They're not just another call center; they've carved a niche in B2B appointment-setting service companies across diverse sectors like tech, healthcare, and finance.

    Why Martal Group Stands Out:

    • Target Audience: Perfect for mid to large-scale businesses in North America, especially for those looking to make an impact in domestic markets or companies planning to enter these markets.
    • Client Portfolio: Their impressive client list includes names like Bosch and, showcasing their ability to handle big-league clients.
    • Customized B2B Strategies: They shine in the complex B2B realm, tailoring strategies that go beyond standard appointment setting, particularly beneficial for products requiring nuanced sales approaches.

    Key Highlights:

    • Multifaceted Approach: Their strategy isn't one-dimensional. It combines emails, LinkedIn outreach, and direct calls to ensure a broad yet targeted approach.
    • Resource Pool: With a vast database of 100 million prospects, their reach is extensive.
    • Language Proficiency: Catering to a global clientele, they operate in multiple languages, including English, German, French, and Spanish.
    • Flexible Pricing: Martal offers various plans, adapting to different business needs, whether it’s outbound lead generation or comprehensive account management.

    Recognition and Impact:

    • Clutch Awards: Over 75 glowing reviews and a badge of Top Appointment Setting Company in 2022 from Clutch.
    • Effective Case Studies: From scaling leads for SMEs like MAX USA Corp to driving results for giants like Polygon, their impact is evident and varied.


    Martal Group isn’t just about setting appointments; they’re about creating opportunities and nurturing leads in a way that aligns with modern B2B dynamics. This makes them an asset for businesses aiming for growth in challenging markets. Browse further

    4. Belkins


    Established in 2017 and headquartered in Dover, Delaware, Belkins has quickly become a formidable force in the B2B appointment setting, sales outsourcing, and lead generation field. With over 200 employees, they've carved a niche across industries including finance, healthcare, e-learning, and SaaS.

    Why Belkins Is a Top Choice:

    • Ideal Clientele: Best suited for medium to large businesses in the U.S., EU, and English-speaking nations like Australia and Canada.
    • Specialized Services: They excel in creating stable prospect inflows through cold emailing and LinkedIn, ideal for companies exploring new markets or testing hypotheses without overburdening their sales teams.
    • Impressive Client List: Their ability to handle significant clients is shown by working with Cisco, OutSystems, and Berkeley College.

    Strengths of Belkins:

    • Skilled Team: SDRs with B2B backgrounds, account managers, lead researchers, and email specialists make up their robust team.
    • Effective Methodology: They specialize in personalized sales emails and LinkedIn campaigns, utilizing ABM approaches for high-quality appointments.
    • Email Deliverability Expertise: Pioneering an email deliverability team, Belkins ensures high reply rates and inbox landing with zero spam rates.
    • Lead Research Excellence: Their methodology begins with thorough lead research, targeting ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles) for qualified lead connections.

    Pricing and Accolades:

    • Flexible Plans: Offering three plans catering to different needs, with custom options available.
    • Acclaimed Performance: Over 160 Clutch reviews, numerous testimonials on G2, and awards from Inc. Magazine and Stevie Awards.

    Client Success Stories:

    • Born & Bred's Growth: Collaborating with Belkins led to 297% YoY growth and 20 high-value deals.
    • Unifocus's Expansion: Within 8 months, Belkins became a crucial lead acquisition channel, booking 50+ calls for Unifocus.

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    5. AnswerConnect

    answer connect

    Key Aspects of AnswerConnect's Services:

    • 24/7 Live Answering: Businesses never miss a call, thanks to their continuous service.
    • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing customer relationship management systems.
    • Bilingual Services: Ideal for businesses with a diverse customer base.
    • Flexible Pricing: Offers various plans to suit different business sizes and needs.

    Notable Strengths:

    • Constant Availability: Their 24/7 availability ensures businesses are always reachable, enhancing customer relations.
    • Efficient Communication: Bilingual services make them accessible to a wider audience.
    • Detailed Reporting: Clients appreciate the comprehensive reporting provided by AnswerConnect.

    Potential Limitations:

    • Personalization: Some businesses might find the services less personalized than desired.
    • Cost Considerations: The pricing may be challenging for smaller businesses with tight budgets.

    Customer Experiences:

    • High Ratings: Trustpilot shows a high satisfaction rate, with an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 912 reviews.
    • Professionalism: Reviews often highlight the professionalism of their callers, emphasizing their ability to communicate effectively and personably.
    • Quality Service: Feedback frequently notes the quality of AnswerConnect's agents, who are known for speaking clear English and providing a non-robotic, employee-like interaction.


    AnswerConnect offers a robust solution for businesses seeking reliable and efficient answering services. While they excel in availability and customer engagement, businesses should consider their specific needs for personalization and budget before opting for their services. Browse further

    6. Valve+Meter


    Valve+Meter, based in the United States, stands out as a performance marketing agency. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including lead generation campaigns, digital marketing, SEO, and web development. Known for their Math-Before-Marketing™ philosophy, they emphasize research-based strategies to deliver measurable results.

    What Sets Valve+Meter Apart:

    • Diverse Services: From email marketing to SEO copywriting and web development, their range is extensive.
    • Data-Driven Strategies: Their Math-Before-Marketing™ approach ensures every campaign is rooted in thorough research and analysis.
    • Performance Marketing: They focus on powering sales and optimizing operations, driving revenue with strategies backed by solid data.

    Key Features of Valve+Meter's Services:

    • Comprehensive Digital Marketing: Their services provide expertise across all digital marketing disciplines.
    • Cross-Vertical Expertise: They offer subject matter experts in various lead generation and marketing fields.
    • Analytical Approach: Each campaign is measured for effectiveness, ensuring optimal performance.

    Pricing Structure:

    • Affordable Plans: Starting at $325 a month, with plans reaching up to $475 a month.
    • Operator Minutes Included: The basic plan includes 200 operator minutes, with additional minutes billed accordingly.

    Strengths and Considerations:

    • Multifaceted Approach: Valve+Meter's broad range of services ensures a holistic marketing strategy.
    • Resource Pool: Their expertise spans multiple disciplines, offering clients a one-stop solution.
    • Language Proficiency: As a US-based agency, they offer services primarily in English.
    • Flexible Pricing: Their plans cater to varying budgets and business sizes.

    Potential Limitations:

    • Cost Factor: While offering flexible plans, costs might be a factor for smaller businesses or startups.
    • Personalization: There may be limitations in how personalized the services can be, depending on the client’s specific requirements.


    Valve+Meter presents a unique blend of comprehensive digital marketing services and a data-driven approach. Their performance marketing strategies are designed to yield measurable results, making them a solid choice for businesses looking to enhance their digital presence. Browse further

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    7. SalesRoads


    Established in 2007 and headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, SalesRoads has carved a niche in the B2B appointment setting landscape. With more than 200 employees, they focus sales outsourcing services primarily on industries like SaaS, manufacturing, logistics, and transportation.

    Why SalesRoads Is a Go-to for B2B Appointment Setting:

    • Ideal for SMEs: Tailored for small and medium-sized U.S. companies looking for outsourced sales development reps (SDRs) and call centers.
    • Large-Scale Operations: Equipped to handle substantial outsourced needs, including 10 or more sales agents and lead development reps.
    • Notable Clientele: Serving renowned clients like Shell, Parker, and Clean Energy.

    SalesRoads' Edge in B2B Appointments:

    • Multi-Channel Strategy: Leverages phone calls, emails, and LinkedIn for a comprehensive outreach approach.
    • In-Depth Training: SalesRoads prides itself on offering three times the average SDR training length.
    • Domestic Sales Professionals: Their team of U.S.-based sales experts is a key strength.

    Pricing and Recognition:

    • Cost-Effective Solutions: Their services start at $9,250 a month, offering value for their specialized services.
    • Accolades: Recognized as a Clutch Global Top 1,000 Company in 2021 and a Top Appointment Setting Company in 2023.

    Case Studies Highlighting Success:

    • Parker's Success Story: Identified 541 SQLs, translating to an estimated annual value of $25 million.
    • Shell's Pilot Program: Achieved 95 appointments over 12 weeks, successfully introducing their product to key decision-makers.


    SalesRoads brings a blend of strategic multi-channel outreach and highly trained domestic sales professionals, making them a formidable force in the B2B sales cycle and appointment-setting industry. Their approach has proven successful for a range of clients, from startups to industry giants. Browse further

    8. Strategic Sales & Marketing

    strategic sales & marketing

    Based in Farmington, Connecticut, Strategic Sales & Marketing, Inc. (SSM) has been a prominent figure in the B2B appointment setting landscape since 1989. With a team of over 50 employees, they've carved a niche in industries like business insurance, SaaS, and cybersecurity.

    SSM: Ideal for U.S.-Based SMEs:

    • Target Audience: Tailored to small and medium-sized U.S. companies focusing on local market penetration.
    • Specialization: Known for delivering results through telemarketing solutions.
    • Notable Clients: Best Hire Inc., CT Technology Council.

    SSM’s Approach to B2B Appointment Setting:

    • Lead Generation Expertise: With over 334,800 leads generated, SSM excels in nurturing and developing sales pipelines.
    • Traditional Yet Effective Strategies: Their strength lies in consultative conversations and relationship-building to win over decision-makers.
    • Customized Campaigns: Services include creating prospect lists, scripting calls, and introducing companies via phone.

    Pricing and Recognition:

    • Flexible Pricing: Rates vary based on project scope, averaging between $1,000 and $10,000 per month.
    • Client Feedback: SSM has garnered positive reviews, evidenced by 22 reviews on Clutch and 1 on G2.

    Impactful Case Studies:

    • Significant Client Achievements: Clients have seen remarkable results, including securing a $2.5M client and achieving $1M annual growth.

    Client Experiences:

    • High Conversion Rate: One senior director of healthcare marketing noted that 65% of their lead conversion was attributable to SSM's efforts over four years.
    • Noteworthy Collaboration: Clients praise SSM's easy communication, eagerness to learn, and transparency, setting them apart in the industry.


    Strategic Sales & Marketing stands out as a leader in B2B telemarketing. Their traditional approach, combined with modern strategies, makes them a valuable partner for U.S. companies seeking to enhance their local market presence. Browse further

    9. Telecom, Inc.

    Telecom, inc

    Telecom, Inc. stands as a prominent mid-size telecommunications company, offering a comprehensive range of contact center services. They excel in providing a seamless Omni-Channel experience, covering voice, email, web, and social media interactions.

    Telecom, Inc.'s Service Spectrum:

    • Omni-Channel Approach: Offers customers a consistent experience across various communication platforms.
    • Inbound and Outbound Services: Specializes in both inbound and outbound contact center services, catering to a wide array of client needs.
    • Sales Pipeline Development: Expertise in B2B telemarketing, appointment setting, and lead generation.

    Pricing and Service Plans:

    • Affordable Options: Plans start at $325 per month, extending up to $475.
    • Operator Minutes Included: The basic plan includes 200 operator minutes, with additional minutes billed at specific rates.

    Strengths of Telecom, Inc.:

    • Multifaceted Approach: Their services span across channels to ensure comprehensive customer engagement.
    • Resource Availability: A robust team capable of handling various customer interactions.
    • Language Proficiency: Can cater to diverse linguistic needs.
    • Flexible Pricing: Offers different plans to suit varied business requirements.


    • Cost Factor: While offering flexible plans, the cost could be a consideration for some businesses.
    • Customization: Services might have limitations in terms of personalization, depending on the business's specific requirements.


    Telecom, Inc. positions itself as a versatile player in the contact center industry, providing businesses with robust Omni-Channel solutions. Their commitment to covering a wide range of communication channels makes them a valuable partner for companies seeking comprehensive customer care and sales support. Browse further

    10. Callbox


    Established in 2004 and headquartered in Encino, California, Callbox has become a significant force in the B2B lead generation sector. With over 800 employees, they specialize in industries like IT, manufacturing, healthcare, and telecommunications.

    Callbox's Global Reach and Expertise:

    • Ideal for Global Companies: Perfect for businesses seeking worldwide and localized B2B lead generation.
    • Direct Marketing Approach: Skilled in engaging prospects through direct marketing channels, chatbots, and social media.
    • Notable Clients: Their impressive portfolio includes Acer, AMD, NEC, and Zendesk.

    What Sets Callbox Apart:

    • Multichannel, Account-Based Marketing: They employ a diverse range of marketing tactics to generate qualified leads.
    • Strategic Global Presence: Operating from various locations, they're well-positioned to cater to a global clientele.
    • Multilingual Proficiency: Callbox’s team speaks over 15 languages to cater to a diverse international market.

    Pricing and Accolades:

    • Customized Pricing: Rates begin at $10,000, reflecting their premium service quality.
    • Highly Rated: Boasts around 80 testimonials on G2 and 100 reviews on Clutch.
    • Industry Recognition: Ranked as the second Best Lead Generation Company in the U.S. by Outsource Accelerator.

    Unique Offerings and Client Success:

    • Proprietary Platform: Callbox Pipeline automates the appointment setting process efficiently.
    • Case Study Highlight: A Latin American IT services provider saw remarkable U.S. market growth, achieving 63 sales appointments and 32 successful conversions.


    Callbox stands out in the B2B lead generation arena, especially for businesses that require a strong multilingual and multicultural approach. Their blend of traditional and innovative marketing strategies positions them as a valuable partner for companies aiming to expand their global reach. Browse further

    Final Thoughts

    Final Thoughts

    In the realm of appointment-setting services, the landscape has many companies that deliver remarkable results, industry-specific focus, and substantial experience. However, there's a pivotal factor that often becomes a deciding point for many businesses, especially in today's economic climate – cost efficiency.

    While high-end services are undoubtedly effective, the associated costs can be a significant burden. This is particularly true in times when businesses want ways to optimize expenses without compromising on quality. The challenge lies in finding a service that strikes the perfect balance between delivering high-quality leads, excellent results and being cost-effective.

    This is where Hit Rate Solutions comes into the spotlight. As a reasonably priced call center, Hit Rate Solutions stands out as an ideal choice for businesses looking to achieve quality appointment setting and other outbound lead generation services without the hefty price tag. Their services aren’t just about affordability; they’re a blend of quality, efficiency, and a client-centric approach.

    In an era where every dollar counts, opting for a service like Hit Rate Solutions can be a strategic move. It allows businesses to maintain a high standard in their marketing and sales efforts while keeping an eye on budget constraints. With their focused approach and competitive pricing, Hit Rate Solutions offers a pragmatic solution for businesses aiming to increase qualified sales appointments and maximize their outreach and growth potential without draining their financial resources.

    As you can see, while there are many skilled players in the field of appointment setting, the quest for finding a partner that aligns with both your qualitative and financial expectations can end with Hit Rate Solutions. They demonstrate that achieving outstanding results and driving business growth does not always require deep pockets, making them a go-to choice for businesses navigating the delicate balance of cost and quality in today's market. Apply to Hit Rate Solutions today!


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