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    About Us

    Hit Rate Solutions is a global provider of outsourced contact center services to companies worldwide and delivers front office and back office services for international market leaders. We deliver exceptional outbound calling, inbound email / voice support  and customer support globally across all verticals. We provide high-quality customer care and are consistently ranked by our clients and their customers as their top customer care provider. Hit Rate Solutions focuses on customers to build rapport and drive customer satisfaction. We promote a pro-active environment that takes advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. After we ensure that our representatives can connect credibly with customers, solve their problems, and convert service interactions into sales opportunities, we then work on improving efficiencies. Our call center cares for your customers better and helps you keep your customers longer.

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    • Competence

      Hit Rate Solutions takes your process and adheres to internal best practices so your project or campaign can achieve its goals. At your disposal are highly motivated, exceptionally qualified, and competently managed professionals. You will receive the support you need and transparency to scale and improve.

    • Affordable Pricing

      Our operations centers were selected solely based on employee ability and cost-efficiency. This allows us to provide our customers with excellent services at a price point that makes sense for our customers. Our goal is to serve your needs with the smartest, most suitable, and qualified employees in a cost-effective manner.

    • Transparency

      We proudly provide our customers with timely and up to date reports and analytics regarding their outsourced project or campaign. Hit Rate Solutions provides you with the people, management, customer service, and technology applications for you business to scale and succeed.

    Why Choose the Philippines for your Outbound and Inbound Support Needs?

    The Philippines is has an exceptional labor force as it provides inexpensive operational costs, an ambitious and talented labor pool, and a Western-friendly culture. The Philippines is home to the world's fifth largest English speaking population, right behind the United Kingdom at number four. The technological growth of the past two decades has enabled Filipinos to put their educations and skills to work as virtual employees of corporations everywhere. The BPO industry has provided good jobs to many, and new opportunities to hard working residents. Most universities offer call center training and students aspire to excel at jobs that were previously confined to G7 countries. The Philippines call center industry is growing fast, and is ready for your business.