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Get ready to rocket your business ahead

Hiring Professional Callers is one of the best decisions you can make when growing your company.


Leads drive marketing and sales. Hit Rate Solutions can dial for dollars to help generate additional revenue.


Turn cold names into warm leads. Hit Rate Solutions delivers validated process, dedicated callers, expert service.


Dedicated Virtual Assistants for multi-channel communication. Calling, chat, email, SMS, data entry and research.


Save your self and your team time. Have trained dedicated callers validate prospective customer interest.

Customer Experience

5 sec

Key Client Average Speed to Answer


Dedicated Client Call Quality Assurance Score


Calls Monitored and Scored Monthly


Advanced Customer Support

Call Center Service Right For Your Industry

Our B2B call center handles both inbound and outbound calls in addition to virtual assistant services for countless industries. All of our call center staff are heavily trained before they’re assigned to your account, giving you the confidence you need to leave this important area of your business to our team.


We proudly offer call center services for the technology industry, operating IT call centers that focus on customer support and answering incoming questions. Our team of specialized associates can help resolve incidents, manage services, and help with product setup. They’ll help you handle issues before they become catastrophic to your business.

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Even one negative review from your customer can detract from your image and impact your sales. We can also help with eCommerce call centers, assisting with tasks such as order taking and order processing. If needed, we can escalate any issues to the right person within your company.

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Our insurance call center services are designed to convert prospects into clients. We’ll give you the peace of mind that our team can help with policy support, transfers, claims support, policy inquiries, member enrollment, lead generation, appointment service setting, and more. In turn, we can help lower your costs and maximize your ROI.

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We also offer real estate call center services to give you additional time to spend on other areas of your business. We offer virtual receptionist services and phone answering services so you never miss a lead. As real estate transactions are time-sensitive, we can help you keep up with the sales cycle.

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Your New Reliable Outsource Call Center

Our team can remove the mystery of call center outsourcing. As call center offices are designed to handle a large number of incoming and outgoing phone calls, you can outsource your call center to our team which allows you to focus on other areas of your business. This will help to save time and money on staffing, equipment, office space, and other related costs. Rest assured that the quality will never suffer when you take this approach.

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Why Work with Hit Rate Solutions

Call center outsourcing in the Philippines is more sophisticated than ever. Business owners around the globe are taking advantage of the hands-on support that tailors to the needs of their customers while capitalizing on additional free time and resources within the business. We can help build a sense of brand loyalty while factoring in customer feedback, both positive and negative.

High Quality, Low Cost

Our services aren’t only affordable but they are high-quality, allowing you to have peace of mind that this area of your business is covered.

Customized to Your Business

Our call center services are always tailored to meet the needs of your business, never offering cookie-cutter solutions.

Years of Experience

Our substantial experience in this industry gives us a competitive advantage over similar companies.

24/7 Advanced Customer Support

Business is constantly happening, so our 24/7 services are an effective way to keep an eye on your business at all times.

Excellent English

Our call center outsourcing services are operated by a team that is highly proficient in the English language.

Well Trained Associates

We know that every business is unique and our associates are always getting additional training to give your potential and new clients the best experience possible.

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What Our Satisfied Clients Say About Us

I would highly recommend Hit Rate Solutions for all of your call center needs. It has done wonders for our business and it’s only been a few months. I wish we would’ve signed up sooner!

Ray Gamble

I was hesitant to work with a call center service but I have been blown away so far. My team constantly thanks me for hiring such a service as it’s freed up a significant amount of time for us. The quality has been great, too!

Lane Martinsen

From the jump, I was sold. Hit Rate has been so easy to work with and they are all incredibly professional. They also know a ton about the IT industry, a pleasant surprise!

Duan Johns

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