Who We Are

Our call center strives to help companies optimize operations and improve business performance. Hit Rate Solutions was founded with the goal of helping businesses internalize the benefits of outsourcing operations which can be too costly or time consuming to handle alone. We believe that we can help any company achieve its goals by reducing labor costs and supplementing its marketing campaigns.

HRS was founded in the United States by former employees of one of the worlds largest technology and business services corporations. We strive to use our American expertise and unique know-how to achieve low cost operational excellence in the Philippines.

We focus on traditional call center activities such as inbound and outbound customer service, sales telemarketing, B2B telemarketing, appointment setting, data entry, and virtual assistance. We strive to serve small to medium sized companies by delivering premium offshore call center outsourcing services at an affordable cost. We provide a quality technical infrastructure that allows each of our call center reps to maximize his ability. Our infrastructure combined with our management’s unique training process, delivers high quality results at budget-friendly prices.

Why Outsource With Us?


We provide motivated, highly qualified, and properly managed teams. We provide high quality agents without the rampant turnover rates that affect places such as Delhi, Bangalore, and Florida. Our management team is comprised of Americans who put the necessary processes in place for your campaign to achieve its goal.


Our contact centers are picked solely based on employee ability and cost-efficiency. This allows us to provide our customers with quality agents at a low cost. Hit Rate Solutions is not just about inexpensive labor…we are about sourcing smart and qualified employees. Please contact us for more details.


We proudly provide our customers with weekly call reports, activity reports, and up to date information. Members of our management team are located in both the US and the Philippines, and are readily available to answer any of our customers’ questions.

When you combine our people and management, combined with our low costs and technology applications, there is no other outsourcing company who can can compete on cost and quality. We take the necessary time to learn your processes, find the right approach, and put you with the right agent to effectively accomplish your tasks.