What to Look for in a Customer Support Team

Aug 20

A good customer support team can be hard to find, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Mind you, you should never go out there and hire the first team you can find just because they offer a low price. Before you hire the team, make sure you take time to do research to see how their track record is. Today, we are going to give you a helping hand by telling you what you need to be looking for in a customer support team …


Starting out, loyalty is something that should be important to you for a variety of reasons. Speak with the candidate and see what they have to say about the previous companies they had the opportunity to work for. As they talk about their experience, you may recognize unhappiness, but if you have a potential employee that speaks highly of the company they left, this means they are loyal and respectful. You want to deal with a customer support team that is going to be loyal to you – they are more likely to protect your image.

Natural Problem Solvers

If you have a support team filled with natural problem solvers, then you’re on the right track. As a business owner, you shouldn’t wait for a problem to pop up before you address it. A good customer service team will have the ability to recognize possible ricks and be prepared with a solution if a problem does pop up.

Good Listeners

Have you ever talked to someone from customer support and it felt as if they weren’t listening, or just didn’t care about the problem you were having? Unfortunately, we have, and this is not a good reflection on the business. As a good rule of the thumb, it is good to hire a customer support team that is filled with good listeners, because you don’t want your customers to feel as if they aren’t important to you.

They are Persuasive

A good customer service employee will have some awesome sales and marketing skills and this is what makes them stand out from the crowd. Take note – it’s not about being a manipulator (you don’t want that), it’s about being able to take the customer and push them in a direction that is beneficial for not only the company, but also the customer.

To determine if your candidates possess this skill, ask them a simple question during the interview. “Why should we hire you?” Pay attention to how they sell themselves while listing their qualities, reasons, and traits.


When customers pick up the phone to call a company, they’re looking for someone that can help them solve a problem – a good customer service agent will use all the right words to keep the customer happy. During your search for a good customer support team, try to find one that possess the above traits, qualities and skills. During the interview, look for someone that is persuasive, communicative, loyal, polite and patient.