Should Customer Support be a Part of Customer Success?

Oct 29

Should Customer Support be a Part of Customer Success?

“Should customer support be a part of customer success?” This is a common question that we have seen popping up across the Internet, and it is something we would like to take the time to cover today, in detail. As you may already know, customer support and customer success are different, but the truth to the matter is that neither will be effective without the other. You can’t have customer success without customer support and without customers, there’s not going to be any customer support …you see what we’re saying?

Think of it this way – you have customer support on one hand – that is your team sitting at the front of the line. They are the ones that are taking requests from customers. They are sitting there to assist your customers from the second they have reported an issue until it is fixed.

Customer success will help your customers get more value from the service you’re offering. Your customer success team should be able to help your customers understand your product and/or service and teach them how they can use it efficiently. In other words, they’ll be sharing advice and tips with customers. They should be able to make your company look more appealing to your customers and show them just how beneficial it can be for them.

Customer support follows a basic work pattern. By this, we mean they receive a request, they get more details, pass it to the best team where they then get an answer or solution and then get back to the customer. For each business, customer success is individual and if you really think about it, customer success depends on the support team to get insights in understanding the customer’s relation with the product.

What Customer Support Really Means

Customer support isn’t really a long-term success story, it’s more of a problem-solving area. In this path, the customer support team will respond to two scenarios:

What Customer Support actually means

Customer support is more of a problem-solving department than a long-term success strategy. In this role, support reps primarily respond to two scenarios:

1. Customer Service Support – This is perhaps the most important scenario out of the two. The function of the customer support rep would be to solve any issues a customer may have with a product/service. This could be a question about billing, purchase, complaints, and account options.

2. Technical Support – This doesn’t mean they have to solve every single technical issue. In some cases, if the issue is far out of their depth, they will escalate the issue. However, customer support just so happens to be the first responder to every technical issue.


Both roles (customer support and customer success) are related because they both deal with a customer’s interaction with the product/service, so you can say they go hand-in-hand. So yes, customer support should be a part of customer success, because there’s no one without the other.