Lead Generation For Your Business!

Hit Rate Solutions provides low-cost, high quality telemarketing and offshore lead generation services from our call centers in the Philippines. We can help you generate the leads and appointments your sales people need to grow the business. We take the time to understand your needs and then tailor a process around your goals. We offer professional college educated telemarketers, the latest cutting edge phone systems, and an on-site training and management team to ensure your lead generation campaign is properly executed.

Sales lead generation is the lifeblood of most businesses. Ask any sales person if he could use more qualified leads or appointments and the answer will always be a resounding “yes!”

Hit Rate Solutions will assist you with best practices in lead generation. We can handle both B2B and B2C accounts of any size, from a single dedicated agent, to over 100 seats on multiple shifts.

Some of the Industries we do Lead Generation For


Calling candidates and businesses can be time consuming and you have more important things to do.  Let us help!

Real Estate

We can reach out to FSBOs, former clients, or new lists for you so you can get back to what really makes you money!

High Tech

We can provide callers who can call IT decision makers to articulate your services and ultimately put your salesforce in touch with the right people.


Every healthcare business finds itself spread too thin at some point to handle all of the marketing they need to succeed. Let us help you with your lead generation efforts.


So you already have a list of prospects in your area?  Let us make the calls for you and deliver a list of interested and qualified prospects.


You handle the actual accounting and we'll help by getting you leads that need your services and are looking for an accountant. 

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