Customer Support Outsourcing

The cost of acquiring a new customer is five times the cost of retaining a current customer.

It is essential that your customer support interaction is managed in the best possible way.

Hit Rate’s customer support programs can be tailored to provide superior customer interaction. Our inbound and outbound customer support offerings create a virtual customer support center to manage customer concerns through multiple channels. These channels can include voice related answering support, e-mail, and chat on a 24/7 basis. Common customer support interactions include order taking, customers calling to check information regarding products and supports, technical support, customers calling to verify their account status, and customers calling to check their reservation status etc.

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Choosing Hit Rate Solutions for Your Customer Support Needs Allows Your Organization to:

  • Reduced costs for customer support/marketing
  • Higher sales conversion rate
  • Enhanced flexibility to manage support peaks and troughs and product life cycles
  • Homogeneous, clearly defined processes across geographies
  • Greater coverage and number of interactions with customers
  • Choosing Hit Rate Solutions for Your Customer Support Needs Allows Your Organization to:

    Outsourcing your customer support activities through our call center can be an excellent way to increase sales and assist your clients with technical support and customer support issues. While some large companies have the money, time, and resources to internally handle customer support, many small to mid sized businesses choose to realize the benefits of outsourcing to call centers.

    Most businesses are looking for a low cost way to either sell products or supports, assist customers with technical questions, or effectively handle customer support issues. Most companies choose to outsource customer support operations to our call center due to our low cost, friendly agents, and the experienced American management we have in place. Clients typically find this to be far more affordable than spending loads of time, resources, and labor necessary to create their own call centers

    Generally, outsourcing customer support operations to a call center takes sound decision making and careful analysis. For example, before your business decides to contract a call center, we recommend assessing your business needs, and setting goals and expectations as to how the new support will either improve sales or enhance customer satisfaction. Defining what is important at the outset will yield long term benefits such as increasing customer retention and potentially reducing customer churn.

    Once you have decided to outsource your customer support functions, a deeper consultation takes place in which we work with your company to create a solution that can either generate.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you grow!