Questions to Ask Your Potential Virtual Assistants

May 09

How do you select the right virtual assistant for your business? The interview process can help you identify the virtual assistant that suits your needs.

​You probably have an idea of what you would like for your virtual assistant to do. It is important that you invest some time to take down things that you would like to ask during interview.

​Here are some possible questions:

How long have you worked as a virtual assistant?

The longer the experience the better. Since the responsibilities of a virtual assistant could entail much pressure, hire a virtual assistant who knows how to handle tasks properly despite of stressful environment

What do you consider your core skills and services? Which ones are outside your scope?

If you have identified the tasks you want for your virtual assistant, it becomes easier to pinpoint the skills you need. As there are different subcategories under the virtual assistant job, know whether you are looking for a virtual assistant who can handle phone-related tasks like appointment settings or simply someone who can write blog posts and manage your social media accounts.

What timezone are you in and what hours are you available?

A virtual assistant may be based anywhere in the world, it is important to make sure you are able to communicate. If you are based in New York and your virtual assistant is in the Philippines there may be almost 12 hours ahead of you. What matters is that you clearly establish their availability and your needs so that you can tell whether it is a good match.

How do you handle a situation when you may not know how to complete a task?

This question can give you hint whether the virtual assistant can maintain a positive outlook and be able to organize their skills to develop a plan of action before asking for assistance.

What methods do you prefer for communication?

There are many options for communicating with your virtual assistant like skype, google docs and email. Just choose the system that works best for both of you.