Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Outbound Calls

Oct 18

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Outbound Calls

As lead qualification is transforming into a data-backed process, it is important that your company has a solid benchmark. This will give you the opportunity to measure the effectiveness of all of the outbound sales efforts and plan for your future campaigns.  When it comes to outbound call campaigns, if you have never done it before, the first campaign you should run would be a benchmark campaign.

What is a benchmark campaign? Basically, the benchmark campaign will help you look into the quality of your sales agent’s ability to connect with potential prospects, the quality of the list of leads, how good the script is and so on.

By running a benchmark campaign, you will also be able to segment your leads into different groups and come up with a variety of call strategies.

The Quality of Your Lead List

Every contact you have on that list will need to have the possibility to become a solid prospect. After all, you are giving them a phone call, right? How did you get that lead? You wouldn’t want to ask your sales team to call someone and try to sell your services/products to someone that isn’t even interested in the first place – this is only going to waste your time.

The Campaign Script

When running a benchmark campaign, the main idea behind it would be to discover what works, and what doesn’t work in the script. It’s important to listen to feedback from your sales reps’, but it would be a good idea to use call software in order to capture the call data – this way, you will see what’s working and what isn’t working in the sales script.

Once you have ran some tests and have discovered what is generating good conversions as well as the potential pitfalls in your script, you will know where improvements need to be made.

Speak with the Right Decision Maker

Once you have developed a good list of legit potential leads, it is important that the individual you speak with has authority to make a decision. Learn everything you possibly can in regards to their pain points and their needs – this way, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to please them. If you aren’t exactly sure of the right solution, identify the reason why. When you’re armed with this type of information, you will be able to redefine your competitors, target market, and the potential push backs.

Demo Follow-Up Call Campaigns

If you have a benchmark campaign goal that consists of scheduling demos, once this is done, you need to consider launching a legit follow-up campaign. This follow-up campaign is recommended in order to remind your interested prospects about your services/products. This type of campaign will show your prospects that you have the ability of communicating and are there to keep communication open and active.


After you are done with your benchmark campaign, you can take all of those insights and pass it on to your marketing team. From there, it can be distributed to your sales reps – they can utilize it in order to increase your success in making a sale.