How Technology Can Optimize Call Center Campaign

May 01

Technology and people are the keys to running a successful campaign. The center you should use should have a predictive dialer software or a cloud call center to organize your campaign. Each campaign has it's own settings such as caller ID, scripts, dispositions, and lead cycling.

Why are call center campaigns essential?

Every Business has different needs. Campaigns can be conducted for outbound, inbound and blended campaigns

Supervising Outbound Campaigns

In outbound campaigns, agents receive calls from a list within a campaign. There are three essential ways in your center should use outbound campaigns and technologically deliver success and allow their people to perform.

  • Ratio - The average number of calls ringing at one time per agent. You can also select how many lines will be dialed per each agent.
  • Predictive/Adapt - Several numbers are automatically dialed while the system attempts to connect an agent with a customer. The system adjusts or adapts the number of employed lines as it predicts when the next agent will be available.
  • Preview - An agent will initiate the phone call manually by pressing the dial button or manually entering a number on a dial pad. They will be able to preview the lead fully and read notes before calling. An agent hears the phone ringing and the customer pick up the phone. This is not as fast as ratio or predictive dialing, but helps avoid dropped calls or delays.

The primary focus of an outbound call center is to make outbound calls to pre-existing or potential customers. It's a fantastic way to spread awareness of your brand, new products, set appointments, or offer service updates. Common uses for outbound call centers include calling lists of numbers for cold sales calls, warm lead follow up, cross-selling, and market research.

Supervising Inound Campaigns

Unlike outbound, inbound campaigns it is the customer who initiates to call a call center. The agent's role is to take phone calls on behalf of an organisation in order to fulfill customer requirements. The role can be to sell products or provide the customer services.

Supervising Blended Campaigns

Blended campaigns are a mix of inbound and outbound calls in a given campaign.They requires more agents in this campaign.

It is not only the campaign that runs your call center but it also requires an effective agents. An agent that is flexible enough to handle different types of tools and campaigns. and An agent that provide the highest quality support to customers.