Greater Transparency and Partnership with Clutch

May 03

Delivering on values of competence, affordability, and transparency, Hit Rate Solutions has provided excellent call center services to small and medium sized companies over the years – distinguishing ourselves in a rapidly growing industryIn order to showcase our clients’ positive experiences and better highlight our commitment to transparency, we have decided to partner with Clutch, in order to unveil in greater depth, the work that we do every day. Looking deeper into our day-to-day operations, we hope readers are able to catch an honest glimpse at our success and what we are able to do for our clients’ businesses.

Clutch is a B2B market research platform that collects ratings and reviews on over 7,000 companies in 500+ industry verticals, ranging from web developers to virtual assistants - their objective is to match buyers and sellers to create positive and productive business relationships. At the core of this ideology are client reference interviews, where Clutch interviews a company’s reference for 10-15 minutes on the challenges, solutions, and results of a specific project. Additionally, Clutch meshes these reviews with a scoring methodology that covers over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors such as industry recognition, market presence, and clientele. These evaluations are able to separate the firms that deliver from those that do not. In our effort to maintain transparency, Hit Rate Solutions has taken part in Clutch’s research with accurate listing information and reviews on our profile.

Clutch has assessed Hit Rate Solutions’ ability to deliver in the call center services and BPO fields through their scoring methodology and client responses. Here are some of the things our clients had to say about us:

Hit Rate Solutions achieved results that were comparable to our internal efforts. However, their solutions were much more efficient and cost-effective while keeping our brand value intact,” explained the sales rep of an equipment supplier. They went on to elaborate on Hit Rate Solutions’ project management skills:

"The communication proceeded smoothly. They followed-up promptly and were proactive.”

Regarding time and money saved using Hit Rate Solutions, the manager of an entertainment company said they saved “more or less 40% of what we had before in expenses as far as the management near Asia.” Continuing, they added:

“They have efficiency, good care in what they do, and are well organized.”

To stay up-to-date and learn more about our clients’ experiences, visit our Clutch profile here.