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Oct 02

Real Estate Outsourcing Book

Based on the feedback and response we got to Outsourcing Sales, we decided to put together another short ebook to help spread some best practices to those of you interested in hiring an outsourced employee. The new book is for real estate professionals We’ve taken the experience we’ve gained working with many different clients and […]

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Sep 11

Outsourcing Sales Book Launch

​We ​made a book!​We have taken all of our posts and institutional knowledge on building outsourced sales teams and turned it into a short Kindle book, now available on Amazon for free until Friday, 9/15/2017.​This short eBook lays out everything you need to know to build an outsourced sales team.  ​Too many books written about […]

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May 11

Ways to Grow your Business with BPO Services

Many business process outsourcing (BPO) business and service firms cater to businesses in need of professional support for them to expand their business and achieve their other targets.Some ways on how to expand your operations through business outsourcing: It widens your perspective with the latest industry insights and business practices that only the experts know. […]

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May 09

Questions to Ask Your Potential Virtual Assistants

How do you select the right virtual assistant for your business? The interview process can help you identify the virtual assistant that suits your needs.​You probably have an idea of what you would like for your virtual assistant to do. It is important that you invest some time to take down things that you would […]

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