Feb 06

What are the Most Common Inbound Call Center Campaigns?

Inbound call centers are a trend all over the world because of their convenience, either you are a consumer at home or have a small business. The most common call center campaigns are:   CUSTOMER SERVICE The most common inbound campaign that we come across are customer service type campaigns. The reason for this is […]

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Feb 01

Philippine Call Center Costs

How much does it costs to have a call center in the Philippines? Knowing that the Philippines has a low cost kind of living, it is guaranteed that the costs of call centers are affordable. Sometimes, call center costs can be customize based on different factors. Call centers generally have guidelines of cost as followed: […]

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Jan 31

Why Choose the Philippines for Telemarketing?

  The Philippines has been the center of Telemarketing Industry when the companies from US started to look for cost effective alternatives to outsource business processes. The Philippines has been the location of choice for two main reasons:     Less Operational Cost Telemarketing in the Philippines can prove to be an excellent idea because […]

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Jan 27


The Philippines has been the call center capital of the world. The Philippine government has tagged the call center industry for massive expansion over the last ten years. And because of the wider and faster expansion of call center in our country, the Philippines earned the reputation as the center of tech support hub.  And […]

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Jan 26


What is Omni-Channel support? Is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online, from a desktop, mobile device, by phone or in a brick or mortar store. People consume information in a variety of different ways. From mobile, to desktop, to print, […]

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Jan 23


Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Excellent customer service will provide companies with a better reputation from customers who realize that their needs and concerns are met. They will be more likely to revisit the company simply due to the customer service experience they receive. Many companies are now […]

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Jan 20


Appointment setting is conducted to generate and arrange qualified sales meeting. Creating an agreement where an agent can set a date and time on behalf of the business and a prospect to discuss an agreed upon topic in person or by phone.   It is a difficult part of business development, and therefore the most […]

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Jan 17


Call centers began in the Philippines as providers of email response, managing customer response and managing services.  This broadened to industrial capabilities for almost all types of customer relations, ranging from travel services, technical support, education, customer care, financial services, online business-to-customer support, and online business-to-business support. The Philippine government has tagged the call center […]

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Sep 07

Communicating With Your Services Provider

Once you have selected your provider it is imperative to the success of your campaign that you have a steady line of communication.  Too much communication will eat into your time and the productivity of your appointment setters.  Too little time and you are not ensuring the early success of your appointment setting and lead […]

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Sep 06

Thinking About Moving Your Campaign?

If you have an appointment setting or lead generation campaign that has been running for a few weeks, months or years, you may be interested in moving your campaign to get better value. This can be for a wide variety of reasons such as cost, lack of results or wanting to diversify.   Before engaging […]

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