Aug 23

Top 5 Virtual Assistant Niches

Top 5 Virtual Assistant Niches In any virtual assistant business, finding your virtual assistant niche can be the key to success. Every virtual assistant should have their niche and we understand that this isn’t exactly an easy task. However, having a specialized area of expertise will definitely lead t to more work. Why is it Important […]

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Aug 20

What to Look for in a Customer Support Team

A good customer support team can be hard to find, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Mind you, you should never go out there and hire the first team you can find just because they offer a low price. Before you hire the team, make sure you take time to do research to see […]

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Aug 15

When is it Okay to Start Outsourcing Customer Service

For newly founded companies, the topic of outsourcing customer service can be a difficult one to have. If you have just started a business, you may be wondering if outsourcing is really needed. You may have questions like: Will I end up regretting this move, is this really needed, and is it too much too […]

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Aug 08

20 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Are you having problems growing your business? If so, you’re not alone. So many people jump into a business expecting it to grow quickly, only to find that they’re struggling with it. One of the biggest reasons people struggle with their business is because they choose to wear too many hats – by this, we […]

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Aug 02

Tips on Achieving a Successful Outbound Call Campaign

There is a rise of inbound marketing strategies, but this doesn’t mean that outbound calling campaigns should be ignored because they’re still a great sales tactic to use. A well-designed cold calling campaign will do wonders for your business. There are many high-growth startups that have sales reps calling prospective customers on a daily basis […]

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Aug 01

Ways it Improves Customer Retention

Customers require instant satisfaction, and the best way to achieve this would be by speaking with them over the phone. Often times, businesses are apprehensive about providing it due to the cost. This is where customer support outsourcing comes into play – phone support will help you win over the customer due to the personalized […]

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Jun 28

Outsourced Telemarketing – Guide to Due Diligence

Okay, so you have decided that outsourced telemarketing is the path you’re going to take. Let’s assume your company has already put out proposals, requests for information or quotes to providers you feel would be the best match for what you’re looking for. So, what’s next? Due Diligence should now be on your mind – […]

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